Line Messenger

As per the news, within a matter of three weeks, line messenger has been able to gain over 5 million people only in the Indian subcontinent. This is not only a membership count that is way beyond most of the new launches but definitely, it provides a lot of heat for the application to perform. With its free communication services that make use of your data packet, along with the paid premium stickers that can allow you to express your feelings in a much better fashion, everything is going well for line. While, there are a lot of competitions in this market, particularly in the real-time communication aspect of mobile application, the line has been able to create a certain space for them, to help them decide about what happens to be the best thing that could happen to them.

User Interface:

User InterfaceFor the people making use of line messenger, they have a pretty simple and very easy user interface. The home screen is already connected with the users that are available in your phonebook, and it is the job of the application to automatically add such people into your users’ list. The new users can also be added by making use of the user ID, or by using the QR code that the application will generate. There are also similar timeline features to Facebook in the line messenger, where you can be connected with the updates that the users will provide to you, and how it is displayed. The line users can also make use of text messages and also make calls over internet just like most of the other networking application. It works well with the 3G as well as with the Wi-Fi network, so, before you make calls, make sure that you are connected to a high-speed network.

Overall cost:

For those making use of line messenger, they find that the services which are offered to them are for a lifetime. It is a free service, and the only source of revenue that the developers will be able to gain from the application will be through the purchase of the stickers, as well as through additional packaging, which may be for the best of those making use of this particular messenger. The rest of the features are free, and you need not worry about spending a lot of money to get it right.


As for the connectivity issues that most of the instant messengers making use of line messengerface, you find that with line messenger, you can get connected even with a very slow Internet connection. However, features such as voice calling will take a hit, so you need to be in a good connectivity place before you can enjoy that particular feature. There are also a lot of latest features that have been included in the line messenger, so when you’re installing the application, make sure that you go for the updated version, which will only be for the best.

The efficiency of line messenger:

For those that are worried about the efficiency, and the amount of network data that it consumes on a per communication basis, it is at par with most of the other instant messengers that you find over the Internet, as well as in your mobile phone. It has one of the best-known efficiencies that you can find, sending files like and attachments that are extremely used, and making up the appropriate use of your data connection to the best of its abilities. Moreover, it has also got a lot of inbuilt features and has the potential to take over any of the instant messenger services that have been around for quite a while. As for those people that have been using line messenger, they realize that the innovation that is found in the application, along with the polished product with a variety of features and functionality is going to help them to worship this particular messenger. Moreover, line messenger is a very capable product and has the future potential to overcome any problems and possibilities of communication. All you need to do is to have a data card, or Internet connection and your mobile phone, and the messenger will take care of the rest.