With statistics inclining towards VoIP calling and Internet usage reaching almost every company in the globe, you find that there are people that would like to keep in contact with their friends and family, not only through text but also by calling them. Now, as we know, calling through mobile phones or telephones can actually take up a lot of money. So, Skype, which is one of the most important communication devices after the mobile phone, is their rescue. Many of the people have been able to convert to Skype, and it has already gone on to gain the power of supremacy over all the other players in this particular market. There are several factors that have actually influenced them in this particular conversion. There are a lot of innovative features that you could possibly find in Skype.

Skype out

This is a feature where you can use your computer in order to call ordinary phone numbers all across the world. The global rate is somewhere about 1.7 euro cents, which is less than what the normal calling radius from your mobile phone. However, you need to put the balance before you can actually call up that person.

Skype in

Skype - Internet Calling at Decent Prices This is a virtual phone number where your friends can call in case they need you. The 12-month subscription is available for € 30, and for three months, it is available for € 10. So, when you are in need of it, you can make sure that you go for such kind of a subscription.


This feature is directed at those that would want to redirect their calls to a particular phone number, and the entire feature is available for five euros for three months, or € 15 for the year.

There is also a widespread application of Skype mainly for the PC to PC calls. Any user can make it free, irrespective of the amount of balance that they have in their Skype account. It is a simple application that they can download to their mobile phone, or to have in their Skype accounttheir Windows or Mac operating system based computer. It will work via the broadband connection and you need a basic USB headset or a microphone, and a web camera for the video call. This facility is one of the best that you can find, and downloading the application is extremely easy and straightforward. No matter what your computer fluency, it is extremely easy for you to install, as you only need to follow the directions mentioned.

Call quality:

Most people are concerned with the call quality when they make use of Skype. It was a common complaint by previous customers of Skype that the application would crash after the call was commenced. With the latest stable versions of Skype, that problem has been taken care of. Now, people can actually experience clarity of calls, without having to worry about any sort of subsequent break in the calls, unless there is a fluctuation of bandwidth on your end. However, on subsequent calls in far-off regions, you may have some kind of problem, particularly with the Internet connection and the amount of bandwidth allotted to you.

According to research work done, a bandwidth of about 512 Kbps is more than enough for you to actually get great call quality at any corner of the world. However, there are certain downfalls that Skype needs to check at the earliest. For starters, they do not have many calling features like many other service providers. There has always been alacrity in the technical department to sort out any issues that Skype can have in their application. Inconsistent quality in the landlines at the Skype out package is also a major cause of concern for them. However, video chat is extremely good, and it all depends upon the bandwidth and the video capabilities of the receiving as well as the supplying end. For those that would like to make quality calls, Skype can provide the best voice application on the planet, without any faults. However, for the best results, make sure that you are in a place that has excellent bandwidth connectivity so that you get the uninterrupted Internet to your computer or to your mobile phone.