Google Maps - Best Offline Map App to Download Before Traveling

As far as popularity is concerned, there is nothing that can come even close to Google. As you know, Google maps are by far one of the best-known mapping services that you can find in the world. The main reason for it is that Google has been working day in and day out in order to improve the mapping system, and it employs more than 7000 people yearly to make sure that it is better as the day passes. This year, with a lot of new features introduced to the Google maps, there are a lot of things that you could possibly see and witness in your road that may not have been countered before.

Features of New Google maps:

Saving the Maps Offline:

One of the best things that could happen in the mapping arena has already been done by Google. They have ensured that you Saving the Maps Offlinecan save your maps offline, which is not only a lifesaver but also essentially one of the best things. For the people that do not have any 3G connectivity or Wi-Fi, or LTE connectivity, this is a lifesaver to them. Essentially, you can now download a lot of large maps onto your devices, and you can still track your progress, as long as you have the GPS enabled with you. This feature is particularly handy if you happen to be traveling to unknown locations, and you do not have any idea about the layout of the place. Also, when you happen to travel to foreign lands, then instead of spending money on foreign international data roaming packages, make sure that you can save the map, and basically just make use of the GPS in order to navigate your way around. Also, on the plus point, the entire map of a large place may only take a very small amount of data on your device, so it is a wonderful feature.

You get Alerts telling you to Switch Lanes:

In driving along the highway, it can actually be a bother for you to keep looking at the map, and ensuring that you are on the right path. However, when you get voice alerts, telling you about moving to a certain lane or providing you with guidelines about where should you go to get the shortest route possible to your destination, and then it will be a good feature. All of those have been incorporated within the Google maps, ensuring that you will never have to miss an exit again, or you’d always reach your destination in time, without having to worry about any problems.

Providing Traffic Estimate:

Providing Traffic EstimateIf you are out in a foreign land, at a time where you find a lot of traffic, then it can be a bummer for you. However, if you actually get an estimate on the amount of time and the traffic that you would encounter in your journey, then you can pre-plan your journey so as to not encounter such problems. It will also give you a head start into your journey. All of those have also been incorporated within the new Google maps.

Quick Facts also Provided:

In the new Google maps, you can come across landmarks, its significance, and all the basic information on the nearby landmarks of your area along with the history. These are some of the best features that you can find that have been incorporated for the travel bug in Google. For those that are willing to visit historical places, but do not have any idea on the directions or is nearby nations, this feature is a lifesaver for them.

Recent History Provided:

In the new Google maps, you can move to recent history and newsfeeds about a particular location. This feature only keeps on providing you with the latest updates on what can be found in that particular place, and the different features that can actually be extremely good for your visit. If you’re fond about a particular diner, then the exact location can also be mentioned by this particular Google map.

So, if you’re looking to travel, make sure that Google maps are an integral part of your travel plan.