HTML5 vs Native Apps

Toronto developers are groups of internet software and application developers with a practical approach to finding customized solutions.  Your experience with them serves in enhancing your marketing and business developments rapidly. They use highly user-friendly tools like HTML5, which is quite powerful and efficient in its design and application capabilities.

HTML-5 features

Some of the Salient features of HTML5 could be described as

Capability to handle strong and heavy-scripts.

They are the life-lines of many applications, especially those which connect to a powerful back-end database on the internet.

  1. Multi-user applications need to run efficiently and quickly while downloading or uploading huge quantities of data. This requires the creation of multiple-thread. HTML5 is capable of initiating, monitoring and controlling multiple –threads simultaneously.
  2. Inter-thread communication is yet another feature provided by HTML-5. This helps in easy integration of multiple applications into one “package”.
  3. “Hanging threads” can be eliminated without affecting the overall functionality of the programs. That means you will be able to “kill” a process which is not responding, without harming the threads which are working fine. Your web developers at Toronto can write efficient codes to make it happen.

Video-embedding technology is simplified now.

You lo longer have to depend on Third-party utilities and “add-on” systems to fix your video to your web page. They are added as naturally as you add images.

  • This reduces the burden of heavy video-files on your browser. No matter what sort of platform (PC, lap-Top, Mobile, iPhone or Smartphone), your video downloading and playing speed will be efficiently maintained.
  • Videos are played with clarity and without too many interruptions. You might have noticed it while playing videos with complex graphics and advanced animations. This hiccup is eventually eliminated with HTML5 altogether.

The speed of your professional applications improves dramatically. This is because the “local data-storage” capacity of your system increases multiple times. They are much larger than the cookies, which you may be currently using. With these files, you will be able to store large chunks of database, video and graphic files in the local browser cache. That means your applications’ output quantity will improve.

The highly efficient and sensitive go-location facility is being made available with HTML-5. This could prove to be a great tool for your browser in your mobile and smart devices. Now, you can go to any metropolitan, urban, semi-urban and even rural areas all over the world. You will be able to find your way to your desired location without any sort of hiccups.

HTML VS Native Apps for iPhone

When you are looking for fast-paced application development for iPhones, it is natural that you tend to switch over to Native Apps. However, if you observe carefully, there are many features like

HTML VS Native Apps for iPhone

Every native App contains some part of HTML coding. The experience of thousands of developers across the world shows that

  • It may not be possible to run native apps entirely independently. Let us take a similar situation to analyze this. No matter how far the touch-screen technology has grown, you still need keyboards and pads to input vital data.
  • Multi-Platform compatible applications can be developed only when HTML5 is included as parts of app code.

A pure native application is at least 5 times more expensive than the HTML coding, with almost similar results.

Multi-action applications could be developed efficiently when HTML-5 is effectively embedded in native-app development. This is simply for the reason that such programs require many features from browser compatibilities as well as iPhone enhancements.

End-users are able to find much-improved versions of HTML-coded programs. Today, you can add any website, video or other complex URL on your iPhone through web-browser itself.

  • HTML 5 runs on lower bandwidths while native apps require consistent high-speed internet connectivity.

Native Applications are very good when it comes to user interface development. However, you will need certain finer aspects of connectivity to browser-based coding which can help the front end to work faster. This is the point where you need HTML coding.

Native Applications

Cross-platform updates and connectivity become easy with HTML-5 than with native Apps. This is because HTML is the connecting link between various types of applications, created using variable coding mechanisms.


In the final analysis, it could be stated that an efficient combination of HTML-5 and native Apps by Toronto web app development is the best solution for your PC and iPhone applications, today and tomorrow.