iPhones are seen in most of the hands nowadays. The advantage of using iPhones is that they can store more application in it.  Thus it is sometimes seen that if your phone has many applications in it then it gets hanged. But in the new iPhones, it has more internal memory in it so that it can support more apps. Thus iPhones can store more apps and thus it helps the customer using it in various ways.

Top 10 applications you can have in your iPhone


It is a free application. If you want to download the application then you don’t have to pay for it. You can get it free from the store app. It is used for online shopping from mobile.  If the customer wants to buy things from online and by using phone then he must have the dashlane app in his mobile. This application helps the customer to buy things from mobile more quickly. It saves the payment automatically and confirms the information. It sends all the required information in our email account automatically. It also keeps the track of how much you are spending on online and find your receipts of online shopping.


Google maps

It helps the user to track the place using this beautiful application. If the customer wants to track new place using the address then he can put the address in the Google map and the map will show you the route on the phone. Using the map the user can go to his destination without any fail. Thus it is a navigation map. This map can be downloaded free from the store app.

Google maps


when we see any video online on the mobile we see that we the video is buffering. Thus to stop this buffering this application is used. If the user uses this application then the video will reload faster and the video will not buffer. Thus the viewer can watch the video smoothly without any buffering.  This application is found in free of cost in the store app and thus the customer can download it anytime he wants.



It is a free application. If a person went to a new place, and he needs someplace to reside then this app can help him. If the person installs the application then this app will show him places to live. This is a very useful application for the people who are new in the place. Zillow also gives you the information about the owner of the property or property given in lease. This application also tells the customer about the rates if the real estate in the area. If anyone wants to buy and sell the property then he can use this application for getting the right information.


Sleep cycle

The sleep cycle is used for mainly alarming the clock. In this app, you don’t have to select the alarm time. You just have to keep the phone beside your bed and then the app will analyze your rested time and will wake you up when he will think that your sleep is completed. It is a free app.

Sleep cycle for Iphone


It is one of the best free apps. It allows helping to save the files from the multiple devices such as from desktop, laptops tablets and etc. It is a cloud service app. Another app which is used in cloud service is the Google drive. Dropbox also use to share the files through cloud services.


It is a social media map application.  It provides entertainment to the customer. Vine also allows creating videos in the twitter newsfeed. In vine you can watch the best qualities of videos. It is a free application. The user can download anytime he wants. Thus after downloading it the user can get the best use of it.

My fitness pal

It is a free application found in the store application. When the user uses it, it will tell the user how they can maintain the fitness. If the user in the application registers their name with the weight then the app will tell the user that what amount of food he should consume for the day. If the user it overweight then the application will suggest the user that what is the food to be taken to maintain his weight.

My fitness pal for Iphone


It is a musical application. The user can download all types of song from this application. It is a free app.


In this app you can edit the photos. The photos can be edited beautifully through this application.

Thus hurry up and install this entire awesome app in your iPhones.