Today, we all are focusing on keeping our body fit and healthy forever. Maintaining a healthy body is not quite easy because we are not eating healthy foods. Unhealthy eating may lead to obesity problems.

Obesity! Obesity is the one which occupies lots of people in all over the world. To overcome the obesity problem, people need to follow some techniques so that they can easily maintain their body weight. Those techniques are not very hard to follow, instead, it is a little hard to follow.

From ancient days to till now, people are following only two techniques (Diet and workouts) to keep their body fit and healthy. More about YogaApart from that, yoga is one form of exercise which also helps to be fit forever and ever. Lots of people claim that there is no exercise routines are out there to beat yoga. Alright! Today, our topic is totally about yoga and this article primarily focuses on the 9 types of yoga to try.

But it is not good to jump straightly into the topic “9 types of yoga to try”, before that it is best to learn about yoga, the importance of yoga, and its benefits.

More about Yoga:

Yoga has been around for millions of years. And, in these days, the yoga becomes a part of our life. From TV stars to celebrities all are practicing yoga to maintain their body fit as well to maintain their mental health too. People believe that practicing yoga is an excellent way to unite their body and mind together so they are willingly trying to practice yoga.

Basically, yoga (a well-known form of exercise) has so many positions and techniques which have been particularly developed to provide benefits to the various parts of our body. Lots of studies show that it is good to practice yoga at least 60 minutes a day to keep our body healthier and to feel better.

Yoga has several benefits and it is the one which helps to feel fresher for a day. It can have the ability to tone our muscles, improve the flexibility of our body. Besides, practicing yoga also helps us to improve both our physical and mental well-being.

In addition to this, yoga also helps the obese people to lose weight in a healthy way. It is a great alternative to weight loss supplements. By practicing yoga, an obese people can easily shed their body weight with zero side effects.

Importance of practicing yoga:

Many people practicing yoga without having too much knowledge about yoga and its importance. For those people, this section may be great for learning about the importance of yoga. Actually, yoga is a good form of exercise which has been developed to promote our body’s health.

What is the importance of practicing yoga? If anyone asks like this, I truly say that for the following reasons we need to practice yoga.

Let’s see in detail about the importance of yoga.

  • To restore the flexibility of our body.
  • To feel better.
  • To make our body healthier.
  • To lose weight.
  • To unite our body and mind together.
  • To enhance our physical and mental health.
  • To tone our muscles.

For these reasons, one must need to practice yoga on a daily basis. If we practice yoga regularly, we can keep the doctor away from us. Yoga has that much ability so it is best to practice yoga on a frequent basis at least 1 hour a day.

Yoga benefits:

We all know that the yoga offers plenty of benefits to us. Yoga not only offers physical benefits but also provide mental benefits to all people who are practicing yoga on a frequent basis. The physical and mental benefits of yoga are described below,

Weight loss:

If you really want to shed your body weight, then it is best to practice yoga. But many people think that it is not worth to practice yoga for losing weight. It is a big shame. The fact is yoga help you to shed your body weight and also aid you to make your look better.

To lose weight with the help of yoga postures, one must follow the following three types of yoga,

  • Ashtanga
  • Power yoga
  • Hot yoga

These forms of yoga will help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Builds strength:

Performing yoga will help to build strength and also tones your body muscles so that you can make your look better than ever.

Restores flexibility:

Yoga not only helps to lose weight but also restores your body’s flexibility. It helps to promote your body’s health and unites your body and mind together.

The mental benefits of yoga are as follows,

If you practice yoga on a daily basis, it benefits your mind which means it helps to improve your mental well-being. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Moreover, it is the one which helps to keep your mind relax. Hence, people are advisable to practice yoga to live a healthy life forever and ever.

9 types of yoga to try:

As I already told you, yoga has been practiced for several years and it is one of the popular forms of exercises found in our world. If you’re a beginner to yoga, then there is no chance to know how many different types of yoga are there in this world. Yoga has been around for more than 4000 years and lots of postures and techniques have been developed over that time.

It is good to have a better understanding of the different types of yoga. Here is a basic outline of the most popular styles of yoga. If you know the various types of yoga, you can easily use these different postures when you need.

Hence, keep reading this to know the 9 types of yoga to try.

Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa is a kind of yoga posture and the word “Vinyasa” generally means “connection”. As the name suggests, it links our body movement with the breath. This is the most familiar type of yoga postures and we can say that the Vinyasa flow acts as a bridge to the other types of yoga. In the Vinyasa class, you can look forward to some sun salutations, balancing and warrior poses, seated stretches, and back bends, much more.

Vinyasa Flow

This class also teaches you how to breathe while you move from one place to another. If you know to practice Vinyasa, it becomes helpful for maintaining your health, muscles, and bone strength too. It is best for runners and athletes and the Vinyasa is not good for beginners because of its faster pace.


Hatha yoga is another great form of exercise and the word hatha means “force”. Hatha has the ability to bring peace to both your mind and body. It is the best form of yoga and it includes most traditional yoga styles. In the Hatha class, you can also expect yoga postures and yoga breathing exercises too. If you practice Hatha, you can feel better and healthier.


The hatha yoga is best for beginners due to its slower speed. It is the basic form of yoga in which you must practice each pose for a few seconds.

Restorative yoga:

The restorative yoga has been practiced by many people to get relief from the stress and to relax their mind and body. The restorative yoga is otherwise called as gentle yoga and yin yoga. This is also considered to be one of the most common types of yoga and it is becoming popular especially in the United States. This form of yoga is becoming popular among people of all ages due to its several benefits (reduces discomfort and also helps to reduce the muscle recovery time).

Restorative yoga

This kind of yoga is actually hard to practice on the ground and it is a great form of yoga to take care of your body.


This is the yoga which helps to maintain our body shape and it also teaches us the discipline. Pattabhi Jois is a father of the Ashtanga yoga and this yoga consisting of 6 poses. This yoga helps you to build internal heat and in order to build internal heat; you need to breathe through each pose.


The Ashtanga Yoga is best for Type-A-folks and if you like to keep your body fit, then it is best to practice Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga yoga is normally used to describe the styles of Vinyasa yoga.

Bikram Yoga:

Bikram yoga is also one of the most popular forms of yoga and this type of yoga is familiar with sweat dripping poses and hot rooms. This kind of yoga consists of 26 postures and it was generally developed by Bikram Choudhury. The entire 26 postures have been performed in a sequential manner.

Bikram Yoga

Many people believe that the Bikram Yoga benefit to the various parts of our body which include veins, organs, ligaments, and muscles. The postures in the Bikram yoga done in a heated room and this type of yoga are becoming more popular in the west.

Kundalini yoga:

Kundalini is also one kind of yoga which generally focuses on meditation. It is a great form of yoga which offers benefit to the nervous system of our body. If you practice Kundalini yoga, you’ll feel better and healthier forever. The founder of the Kundalini Yoga is Yogi Bhajan and it is becoming more popular in the west.

Kundalini yoga

The Kundalini Yoga is becoming more popular for people of all ages.

Hot Yoga:

We all hear about the Bikram yoga. And, we all know that the Bikram yoga is done in a heated room. Likewise, the hot yoga has been done in the heated room. The hot yoga offers several benefits to you. Hot yoga helps people to restore their body flexibility.

Hot Yoga

Many people would like to practice this kind of yoga for its huge number of benefits.

Iyengar Yoga:

The Iyengar yoga is another kind of yoga and it is also becoming more popular in all over the globe. This yoga has been practiced by lots of people of all ages to keep their body fit and healthy. The Iyengar yoga is somewhat similar to Hatha and it is great for beginners too. It is alignment-style yoga and this type of yoga is great for individuals who like to keep their body younger.

Iyengar Yoga

Kriya Yoga:

Kriya yoga is one of the most common types of yoga and many studies show that Kriya yoga is the original yoga. But, lots of people didn’t have more knowledge about Kriya yoga. This is also one of the most important forms of yoga to practice. And, the Kriya yoga is mostly taught with the Mysore yoga.

Kriya Yoga

These are the types of yoga and if you want to live a healthy life forever, it is must practice these 9 types of yoga on a frequent basis. To practice these types of yoga, you’ll need to buy right yoga wear so that you can practice yoga in a great way.


Yoga is great to practice to live a healthy life. It not only helps to lose weight but also aids to maintain our mental well-being. Yoga has been originated in ancient India and it is becoming more popular in all over the globe because of its several mental and physical health benefits.

It is a great solution to one major international issue (obesity). There is no big solution for obesity like yoga. Due to its benefits, lots of people are strictly following different forms of yoga postures and techniques to promote their physical and mental health.

If a person especially women practices yoga on a daily basis, they will get plenty of benefits. After a good practice, they will feel that their life is happier and healthier.

Practice yoga on a frequent basis to keep yourself healthy and live a healthier life with your beloved one for so many years.