Many people in the world look for natural ways to slim or shed down the excess fats in their body. However, these are possible with adding many varieties of smoothie recipes for weight loss. These are simple to prepare and most of the items are available in the fruit market and grocery stores nearby you. Consuming smoothies rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral will definitely reduce your weight within a month time. It is advisable to check your BMI before staring smoothies daily to check the difference in BMI after a month time.

3 Weight Loss Smoothies are:

1. Cucumber Juice

The cucumber juice has many health benefits if you intake regularly in the morning in empty stomach. You must take breakfast after one hour of consuming a glass of cucumber juice to see weight loss result in a month time.

Cucumber Juice

How to Prepare Cucumber Juice

  1. Take a medium-size cucumber to make 1 glass of cucumber juice
  2. You can add water or milk according to your preference (for best result water is recommended for weight loss)
  3. Slice cucumber into small pieces and put in a mixer (please note do not shed their skin, if you look for weight loss purpose) add half glass water and 2 pinches of salt for taste.
  4. Drink as fresh to get the best results with some ice cubes in it.

2. Fruit Mix Juice Rich in Anti Oxidants

All most many of the fruits contain antioxidants, however, smoothie recipes for weight loss are to consume best fruits rich in antioxidants. Please note these juices will give better results when you consume them after a meal daily.

Fruit Mix Juice

How to Prepare Fruit Mix

  1. Take one lemon, orange, pomegranate, banana and watermelon in a small piece.
  2. Add three-tea spoon sugar with a glass of milk and mix it to form in liquid form.
  3. Drink this fruit mix within an hour time to get best results.

3. Choco Mix Drink

The rich dark chocolates have rich contents of antioxidants. Drinking a glass of choco mix daily night will benefit you to reduce overall body fats in a month time. However, people with diabetes are not advised to drink choc mix for its high quantity of sugar contents.

Choco Mix Drink

How to Prepare Choco Mix

  1. Take 150 gm of dark chocolate in paste form or powder form.
  2. Add one fruit of your choice (most suitable are strawberry, mango, and banana)
  3. Add half glass milk, yogurt and ice cream to mix with fruit and chocolate.
  4. Put in a mixer and wait until it forms into liquid or semi-liquid form. Put some ice water if you wish to during cool.

Kindly note you can add water to all of the above mention smoothie recipes for weight loss if you are an obese person. Since milk, yogurt and ice creams are having high carbohydrates, which is against weight loss. For better taste serve cool and drink these smoothies within an hour time.