One of the reasons why China has become one of the biggest economies in the world is the fact that it produces many products, who are shipped efficiently. Not only that these products are of high quality, but they also have reasonable prices, which makes them accessible to customers from all over the world.

If you take a look at some global reports on Chinese export, you will see that this country has found itself as the highest import partner for many countries, like the US and the UK.

Among the commonest goods imported from this Asian country, you can find vehicles, furniture, clothing, etc.

If you are an individual exporter, it could become complex to establish the quality of the products you’re about to import. In case you require help with confirming the quality, then look no further than Besides that, importers should be aware of the taxes, mainly import duty from China, they will come across.

The Biggest Markets


Now, we want to focus on the rules in the biggest markets in the world.

The European Union

First, we would like to discuss is the EU market. Since this is an organization that encompasses 28 different countries, all of these are combined into one, big market. For that reason, the rates for this market are exactly the same in all these countries.

The company or an individual that brings these in will be required to pay import duty from China only once. However, these rates are somewhat different from the conditions in the US. Some goods can be as low as zero. The prioritization is made by categorizing the products that are needed in the Union due to the lack of production.

For instance, the rate for shoes is around twelve percent. But products like laptops and solar panels do not include any sort of tariffs. EU has some additional taxes on Chinese products, but we can see that some of them tend to differ from country to country. They usually depend on the region where the shipment will enter.

The United States

Any new importer from the United States should be aware of the fact that almost all products imported in the country are subjected to import duty from China. Those whose value is below two hundred dollars are not subjected to these tariffs. Those who have a higher value will include taxes. The percentage depends on the place it comes from.

When it comes to goods that are of China’s origin, duties are around twenty-five percent.

Therefore, the prices for buyers will be higher by this amount. Therefore, the person who is interested in bringing in these products needs to know the exact price before making the final decision.

What we believe is important to point out is that there are various categories of products that are made solely in China, and cannot be found in any country in Asia. Just in case, we would like to point out that conducting research before purchasing certain items is an absolute must.

Check the List of Banned Products


Some goods are subject to controls. Therefore, you cannot expect to import anything that crosses your mind. There are three main categories you should take into consideration when you’re about to make this decision. Understanding these is an absolute must, to avoid any headaches.

The first category encompasses ones who are completely banned. That means that your country doesn’t allow these since there are enough of these goods inside it, and the government will not let you bring them in. The second category points out the volume of certain goods that can be purchased overseas.

The third one we want to address is the goods that can be purchased but only through close surveillance. Meaning, you can purchase them but only with having a license that comes along with them. Therefore, make sure that you get these licenses along with the goods. Otherwise, you can have a problem.

The Crucial Information


When you finally decide on the goods, all the packages should have all the relevant details. We’re talking about how many of them there are, what’s their value, and, who receivers and senders are. Naturally, there are a lot of these, but those we’ve named are the most widespread ones.

In case you do not know this process, then you should hire a professional Chinese advisor who can provide you with crucial information on where you can find certain products, and how the process of exporting these from this country is possible mainly under which conditions.

Thankfully, the local companies are fully aware of the legislation of the country where they send their goods. You can rest assured that all the information would be represented on these labels and invoices. Even you are a beginner, you shouldn’t be scared about the whole process.

Finding a Credible Supplier


Last but not least, we want to talk about how to establish the credibility of the provider.

Of course, it is an important question to address since it is possible to receive goods that simply do not meet the quality standards, which leads you to lose money for basically nothing, it is certainly something you want to avoid.

Therefore, we would recommend you to learn the Chinese language to establish the best possible communication. On the other side, we can see that people who work in these supplying companies perfectly understand the English language. Still, knowing their mother language could show a sign of respect that can help with making even better communication with them.


Since bringing in goods from this country has become much more popular in the last couple of decades, having a basic understanding of the regulation should be a priority for you. Here, we’ve discussed the import duty from China, and what are the rates in particular markets.

Plus, you can take a look at some other regulations that need to be met. Knowing what to focus on can help with avoiding many potential problems that can pop up when you least expect them. We are sure you will find this sort of insight quite helpful.