10 Tips To Stay Healthy During Monsoon

Monsoon season brings amazing weather, loads of fun, greenery all around and excitement. But, this season also increases the level of humidity in the atmosphere and that creates a favorable condition of harmful bacteria and viruses.

That means, there will be a high probability of getting infectious. Therefore, you should take some precautions to stay healthy and avoid serious health issues such as respiratory infections, stomach infections, etc.

Your little one needs extra care during rainy season as temperature level is fluctuating and humidity level is high. It is important to maintain cleanliness, healthy diet, exercise, and some other necessary precautions.  Read the following tips and implements them:

  1. Carry Umbrellas And Raincoats

During the rainy season, weather is unpredictable, therefore, it is recommended to carry your rain gear always with you. Also, make sure that you raincoat with hood and waterproof shoes.

  1. Maintain Humidity Level

It is recommended to maintain good humidity level inside your house to stay fit and fine. You can invest in dehumidifiers or air-conditioning system. Latest technology AC such as air conditioning Sydney will not just maintain ideal temperature but also help in sustaining good humidity level inside your house. It will prevent your house from becoming a place where harmful bacteria and other microbes can easily grow and spread out.

  1. Take Shower After Getting Wet In Rain

As rainwater may drive various infections, therefore, it is recommended to take a bath if you are wet in rain and get rid of infections.  If possible, add few drops of Dettol to kill bucket germs.

  1. Prepare Hot Drinks

There could be nothing relaxing than taking a sip of hot drink and observing amazing weather outside. You will definitely love it in, especially in the rainy season. After taking a good bath, dry yourself completely and also wear clean and dry clothes. In hot drinks, you can make hot soup, hot milk, masala chai, or whatever you like. It will help in maintaining your inner body temperature.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness All-Around

It is imperative to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your home, especially during monsoon. As it is already discussed that rainy season increase humidity level in the air and prevail favorable conditions fro microbes, therefore, maintaining cleanliness is important to stay away from harmful microorganisms. Therefore, you should wash your hand regularly, cut your nail cuticles to prevent yourself from fungal infection and maintain cleaning in your home.

  1. Drink Purified Water

Due to the sudden change in temperature, we naturally start drinking less. But, it is not good for your body. Do you know that drinking a good amount of water will help in detoxing our body?

During rainy season water may contain harmful microbes, therefore, you should drink boiled or purified water to decrease the probability of water-borne diseases and stomach infections. That means you should drink a lot of water but before that disinfect it by boiling or purification process. It will help you stay healthy and away from health-related issues.

  1. Avoid Street Food

Street food in the rainy season looks tempting but you should avoid it as much as possible. You should take a healthy and balanced diet to stay away from contaminated food items. It will not just prevent you from diseases but also keep you healthy and strong. Also, it is recommended to eat only home-cooked food to prevent yourself from cough, cold or other sicknesses. Or, you can use Coldeeze to prevent those issues.

Avoid Street Food

  1. Keep Insects Out Of Your House

During the rainy season, you will observe a huge rise in mosquitoes and various other insects. Probability of malaria, dengue and other diseases that spread due to mosquito bites is high, therefore, keep your rooms locked and use insect repellents.

If you have an air conditioning system in your house such as ducted air conditioning Sydney then turn it ON to keep mosquitoes and insects out of the house. Also, do not let the water accumulate anywhere around your house as it is known to be the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

  1. Do Not Let Your Walls Wet For Long

Wet walls prevail favorable conditions for the fungus that further trigger to various allergies and asthma attacks. Therefore it is recommended to stay away from wet walls and also get rid of it if you have any in your house. Take the help of professionals, to fix this problem in your wall at your house.

  1. Take Vitamin C Rich Food

You should increase the amount of vitamin C in food supplements and in natural form as well to prevent yourself from harmful viruses.  There are various vitamin C rich natural sources such as Oranges, Gojiberry, Cheery, Kiwis, and Garlic.

Take Vitamin C Rich Food

These things help cure a cold and also help in improving your body immunity level. Drink juice, eat green vegetables and citrus to stay healthy.