Saving money in the past was easy, just put it somewhere away from your eyes and forget it’s there. Things today are different. Most don’t even know the location of our money, but we carry plastic cards that assure us we do have it. Another thing that complicates the savings is marketing all over social media, internet, and shopping venues, constantly making you question yourself if you have enough things. The answer you end up with is no, you need this, so you go ahead and buy it.

A decade ago, shopping online was covered with a veil of mystery and people had second thoughts about performing it. Today, online shopping is safer than ever and has the potential to empty your pocket in a matter of seconds, since the purchase of the goods is available on every device, just a click away.

Online shopping has also been intensified during the covid-19 pandemics, especially when it comes to sports equipment. Most of the countries have introduced curfews and limitations of movement, which gave them extra time to shop for sports equipment they will use for the indoor workouts and outdoor, once it is possible. This also influenced the rise in the offer and creation of new shopping platforms for buying sports equipment. To be sure you’re buying safe, we will give you a list of mistakes people commonly make when buying online, that you should avoid.

1. Buying pirate equipment


The number one mistake everyone makes, in the beginning, is not checking if the equipment they plan to purchase is pirate or original. And how could you know, just by looking at the photo on the web page, when all of them seem perfectly original. When it finally arrives, you become aware that it is not the same product.

To make sure the price of the product is equivalent to its quality, there are some methods. One of them is using the platforms on the internet to type in the serial code of the product and check if it’s the original or not. One of such platforms can be found on yonex genuine check along with other useful tips and tricks on how to protect yourself from online buying frauds.

2. Purchasing a product cheaper than the shipping


You surely have noticed that some of the equipment you buy online, depending on the place of the shop, can be offered with free shipping, and chargeable shipping. Some even have the option to pick up your purchase in their shops, when you buy from ones located in your country of residence.

If the shipping is chargeable, it requires your special attention. Why? The overall price should be familiar to the buyer and included in the price you pay at the checkout. However, it happened many times that you are unpleasantly surprised when the shipment arrives at your doorstep. Then you realize you should have read the shipping terms and conditions because the post office delivering asks for additional payment.

Sometimes, the shipping price you pay, depending on the delivery service, can be more expensive than the product itself. How? Well, some shops offer multiple delivery options, cheaper and slower, and faster and more expensive. Read carefully, because if you click the wrong option it can cost you. If it is your choice, then fair enough.

3. Not informing yourself with cancellation and return policy


Some selling platforms have a very clear cancellation policy, based on which you can claim your rights if the order is not shipped on time. The delivery service has a deadline in which it has to deliver the product you ordered. If the deadline is not met, you start feeling frustrated, because you really need the equipment you ordered. This is your chance to cancel the order and return the funds you have spent for purchase. Or even claim some additional benefits for future purchases.

4. Buying equipment from unsecured websites


We already mentioned at the beginning of the text that the internet has been overflooded with websites and platforms offering sports equipment, especially in times of pandemic, when people have more time to spend on online shopping. Before buying, do research about the experiences other people have had when purchasing from a particular website. Surely, a lot of people have shared their opinions of the website your intent to buy from on some forum.

Many websites fish for buyers by offering excellent deals on the equipment you need. So, when you click to buy from them, and you get to the checkout, fill in your personal information (including your card details), you find out that the payment cannot be processed or the shipment cannot be sent. The one with the best reputation should be your choice.

5. Buying when connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot


When you are in a rush, somewhere outside, and in need of buying something online ASAP, you are at the risk of making a mistake by using a public Wi-Fi or even worse – a public computer. No public network or device can guarantee your safety. It also applies to public places, such as a bar or a coffee shop, where they give you a code for accessing the network. Use your personal device and network all the time and make sure your antivirus and antispyware tools are up to date.

Some pages can contain windows that appear on your screen suddenly, offering something tempting (so-called pop-ups). They can contain insecure codes. Be careful, do not click everything you see, that looks like a good equipment offer.

Today, thanks to the services such as PayPal and pieces of plastic we carry around, the doors of the sports equipment shops around the world are open to us. Delivery services are functioning impeccably, and you can enjoy shopping from the comfort f your apartment. Just be aware that not all of the websites offering good sports gear are safe, and do your best to skip these mistakes we wrote about in the article.