The world we live in does not stop evolving, and numerous improvements in the transportation sector reflect a clear image of progress. The eBikes come to be the next big thing, so we kindly invite you to read our 2024 buying guide to find out what the best mid-drive models for city commuting are and pick your favorite.

1. Tern HSD


If you intend on spending a small fortune for a one-of-a-kind electric ride experience, then you should definitely consider this model. For a price of around $3,700, one might expect the gizmo to speak at least a couple of languages, but let’s keep it real. It is an eBike with amazing features and it comes with a price.

When the range is concerned, this little foldable fellow can help you steer the wheels from about 25 to almost 70mi, while the speed limit can be built up to 20mph. It weighs just above 56lb and is powered by a potent Bosh battery of 400wh. A monster indeed!

2. Avadar C3

The Avadar C3 series is also known as Tesla in the eBike world. Namely, the physique of the two-wheeler resembles the traditional bicycle, even though it is powered by a dynamic 250wh electric motor. Do not let the numbers confuse you, because the tests showed this lightweight eBike can go as fast as 28mph.

In a nutshell, C3 eBike comes in 2 variants. The City and Sport versions. While the powerset is the same, the gadgets that come with a specific model differ. They would both potentiate similar performances, but the city-adjusted version comes with a built-in basket.

Another feature that makes the series distinguish from alternative models on the market is an LCD controller which allows the driver not only to track the speed and mileage but also to watch over the torque and cadence. If you put everything you would get for around $2,000 on paper – the purchase of any Avadar C3 variant sounds like a bargain.

3. Greyp T5


In case you want to treat yourself or someone dear to you with an electric monster disguised in a lovely designed eBike, consider you would have to spend around $4,500 for the pleasure. The state-of-the-art electric two-wheeler draws its energy from a 700wh cell, and it can take you everywhere you want as long as it is within an about 65 miles radius.

Considering the Porsche owns the company that makes the bike, your expectations should be high, but do not let the max speed of 16mph fool you because you can manually unlock its true potential upon purchase either on your own or with some help from an expert. Additionally, we should emphasize that you can pair the bike with a smart device and take pictures as you drive around via an integrated camera. Sounds cool, right?

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information about eBikes that bring the most bang for the buck will help you make up your mind easily. Do your homework and assess the models we talked about and pick your favorite!