Trends are constantly changing, and children are growing very fast. These are just some of the many reasons why it is difficult to choose clothes for children. When shopping at wholesale, pay attention to a few key items.

There are plenty of wholesalers who have great deals. That’s why people love to buy, because wholesale means saving money. However, you will not save money if you make the following mistakes.

1. Avoid Basic Clothing


While they play around, children are constantly trying out what they can and cannot do. That is great and could be said to be of irreplaceable importance in the overall development of the child. Therefore, you must not deny them this pleasure.

However, they often get dirty many times during this activity, destroy clothes or leave stains on them. You can’t be angry with them, because they learn about the world and other people through play.

Instead, try to find them as comfortable clothes as possible, but also save yourself the hassle. One way is wholesale shopping.

You need to focus on the basic wholesale childrens clothing. For example, buy your child a lot of plain T-shirts in all colors. At this website you can see how cheap T-shirts are when you buy them that way. You can do the same with the rest of the clothes.

This way, you will dress your child stylishly, you will not have to wash clothes often and you will not spend a lot of money. You can also buy several of the same models, but pay attention to the size as well as the material.

The material should be breathable and comfortable while the size should not limit the range of motion of the child. Opt for a fabric that is easy to clean and maintain, such as cotton.

2. You Don’t Buy More Sizes


Sizes of children’s clothes are one of the biggest doubts for parents, especially when they need to buy a piece of children’s clothes on their own, without prior testing.

In the context of clothing, this is especially reflected on the sleeves and trousers, which become “short” faster than might be expected. There are also different standards for sizing depending on the manufacturer. Don’t make this mistake like many other parents.

If you are planning shopping, buy several different sizes of clothes. Since you will buy more pieces of clothing, children will not be able to wear some combinations or the season of certain clothes will pass.

This means that you will only spend money in vain, because they are growing really fast. So take into account the season, the age of the child and his habits.

For example, if you are shopping during the summer, you should choose larger winter clothes. If you buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt that fits the child perfectly at the moment, you can expect a new purchase in a month or two, because the child will need things that are a lot bigger.

Take care of clothing models – no size is fixed. That is why it is important to keep in mind that a certain size does not apply to both the jacket and the upper part of the pajamas.

3. You Are Buying From a Wholesaler Who Does not Have Reliable Contact Information

It is best to bypass such stores, because today it is not enough to have an exclusive website. It is necessary to provide a better user experience to its consumers. This means other things like exchanging emails, calls or reaching locations before buying.

If you find a wholesaler who doesn’t have any of the above, there’s a good chance it’s a fake wholesaler. However, you can always buy from reliable wholesalers. They are much easier to contact, but it is also easier to do business with them because they are under the same federal laws.

You can always email them, invite them or ask some important questions. So, the first thing you need to check is the status of the wholesaler. You need someone very reliable.

Stores whose credibility you cannot verify are not a good place to shop. Although these stores will use different tactics to attract as many customers as possible, do not fall for their cheap tricks.

For example, they will offer you extremely low prices that you will not see on other portals or amazing gifts, refund offers and the like.

Fraudsters like this will take your money, but will not give you the ordered products in return. If you are unsure about a website always contact customer support or check reviews.

4. You Avoid Buying Damaged Clothes


Damaged goods are underestimated, because you can find great pieces of clothing at extremely low prices. Vendors are required to meet quality control standards.

If some clothes have an incorrect seam, wrong color or some other imperfection, they must not stand with other clothes. So, such clothes are not worse than others, there is only one detail that makes the difference between them.

This is your chance to save and buy more clothes for the same money. There are a lot of irregularities that are hard to spot. If you want to increase your budget, then you should not miss this opportunity.

We also advise that you always judge for yourself whether a certain thing is worth that much money, because you can always find something similar to that piece of clothing.

5. You Choose Poor Quality Clothes


As you can see for yourself, there are several ways you can save. This means you don’t have to buy poor quality that is otherwise cheaper than higher quality fabrics.

This is actually a bad choice for your child, but it is also completely wrong from a financial point of view. Not only are these clothes uncomfortable to wear, but they also ruin very quickly.

It is enough to wash clothes in the washing machine several times and they will already lose their original shape and color.

So look for another alternative, because this choice will only bring you additional costs.

You will need to update your child’s wardrobe very soon. Instead, buy more neutral quality pieces of clothing and the child will always have more clothing combinations.


Although it is not easy to buy for a child, there are a few tricks to help you choose clothes. The most important thing is to pay attention to the status of the seller, the quality of the clothes and the size of the clothes.