Online shopping is one of the widest and slowly gaining popularity industries of the internet. The internet since its invention has opened up a variety of possibilities to the world. Able to shop online is one of the most significant of all. Hundreds, even thousands of pages and websites have been made which let you buy each and everything you want from the comfort of your homes.

How does online shopping work?


Online shopping is pretty much like regular shopping, but instead of viewing the items through a glass window, you see them through the screen of your phone or any other device that has access to the internet. You just search for the item in your browser and many links pop up, then you select which one you like to buy, and then you would add it in your cart, buy it and get it delivered at your home or apartment.

How is it convenient?


Online shopping is very easy as compared to our traditional shopping. Following are some convenience points of online shopping:

  • You can search for whatever you want and get tons of options in just one place where at stores you have to go somewhere else if what you are searching for is not available.
  • You can order everything from the comfort of your home. Suppose it is extremely hot outside or extremely cold or any other due to which you can’t go outside, you just need to open a site and order anything you want.
  • Compared to the market you get better discounts and at times better prices on some items.
  • Instead of trying to work out about a product’s quality and working like in regular markets. On the internet, you have a lot of details on the product and you can always read the user’s review on that product as well.
  • In online shopping, you also get an option to compare products. You can open product pages side by side with their complete details and features and get the best one for you.
  • You can shop unpressurized through online shopping. When you’re in a market mostly sales representatives try to influence you and make you buy products they are promoting which honestly can be a burden at times. But in online shopping, you buy at your own free will.

Hence, online shopping at times beats traditional shopping and seems to be the future of shopping.

Issues faced in online shopping


Online shopping does have its disadvantages as well. Despite having most positives it does come with a few negatives of its own which are stated below:

  • Though online stores provide a lot of discounts and lesser prices, nut a trick that traditional shops have up their sleeve is bargaining. Physical stores allow you negotiation and getting the best price which is lacking by online shopping.
  • Online shopping is also a house of big scams. Sometimes you are shown a genuine product’s picture and offered at a very less price, but when it gets delivered to you, the product you get is inverse of what you ordered.
  • Then there can be delays in delivery. At physical stores, you can just walk and grab instantly whatever you want. When ordering something online you get a delivery time and even then the orders get delayed so you are never sure when you will get your items.
  • One of the most unusual sounding things and still the biggest factor of why people don’t like online shopping is because of legitimate shopping experience. You don’t physically get to touch any product, you get to see only what it’s like when you’ve paid for it.

Despite all these things, no one can deny the importance online shopping has taken in our lives especially for those people who don’t have access to markets near their homes.

Biggest online shopping stores


Through online shopping, we have access to each and everything we want to buy ranging from clothes, electronics, rv covers and car covers to protect your cars, other technical products, and even medicines. But not all online stores are reliable. Following are the biggest online stores in the world. We suggest checking out someone as



It is one of the largest online stores in the world. It can ship to most regions of the world except some portions of Asia. Amazon does not sell products directly but it is a king of the online market where people register their stores and can sell their items. Amazon is known for products or stores that often scam with the customers so have to search thoroughly and look at the reviews to order a product you are ordering. Still, it is one of the biggest platforms for online shopping in the world and is owned by the richest person in the world Jeff Bezos.

Ali Express


Aliexpress is majorly a Chinese based company but it has two separate sites for China and the rest of the world. The site that is for the rest of the world is practically capable of shipping to anywhere in the world. The biggest problem with Aliexpress is also the same as Amazon. It has thousands of stores working under its hood. The shipping costs for some countries are also very high. AliExpress is best for those people who are looking for things to buy in bulk because it offers great deals on wholesale items. It is also owned by one of the richest men in the world Jack Ma.

Other online stores


Amazon and Ali Express are primarily the biggest online shopping sites in the world. Some others work on a huge scale but have a certain kind of product or are limited to a smaller number of countries. Some honorable mentions for these websites are Apple, Walmart and Dell technologies, and many others.

In the end, everything comes down to how things are convenient for you. Some people prefer physical shops so that they get that genuine shopping experience, others prefer a more comfortable online shopping experience. But there is no denying that online shopping has eased things a lot.