There are several methods for Kroger gift cardholders to check their card balances. These methods are quite varied and each of you can find something to your liking. These cards can be purchased on the official page of the store and their cost starts at $25 and ends at $100. You can view the new Kroger weekly ad every week on the official website. Let’s move on to breaking down the methods of how to see how much money is left on your card.

1)Checking the gift card through the official website


On the Official page of the store Kroger is a section – gift card balance check – directly in this section you can see all the information about the card. What to do this you need to do. Go to this section after which the form will open for completion. In this form there will be two fields: the first is a 19-digit card number and the second is its security code. After entering press, the forward button. After clicking on it you will be directed to the page with data from this card and the balance of funds will be shown.

2) To check the balance of the gift card in the store


Kroger is a very large chain of stores and therefore finding a store is not very difficult, but if you do not know where the nearest store is, you can always refer to the Kroger website and look at the map with the stores. If you want the map to display properly be sure to turn on your geolocation, and then it will automatically update and show you the nearest store. Once you know the exact location of the store you need to come to the address and go into the store. Inside, you must go to the cash register and give your gift card to the cashier and ask him to check the balance. After he scans the card he will be able to answer the information you are interested in. Before you go, be sure to check the gift card and the store schedule, also keep in mind that the store is not open on holidays.

3) Check your card balance by calling the hotline

You can also check your card balance by calling the customer support hotline. The phone number can be found on the official website, but for a faster way to find this number you can look it up here: +1-866-822-6252. Make a phone call by calling this number. A robot will answer the phone and ask you to select the section you are interested in. Select Gift Cards. Select the balance subsection. The robot will then ask you to manually enter all the digits of the gift card number. Once you have entered it, wait for the robot to process it. Next the robot will ask for a 4 digit security code – enter it. Wait for the robot to process the information. Listen to the amount of money in your account. When you make a call be sure that there were no extraneous sounds and interruptions of telephone network as it can cause problems with the conversation and you will need to make a call again. Also take into account the tariff rates of your mobile operator.

4) Use a mobile app to check your balance

The last method we will review today is checking your gift card balance using a mobile app. To do this you will need to go to the official website. Search for mobile app. Click on the first prompt. You will be presented with two options for downloading the application for versions such as android and ios. After downloading and installing – open it and make a registration. Be sure to provide your date of birth and cell phone number. After completing the registration, go to the gift cards section and register your card. Click add a new card in the window that will open, enter the number and security code. Then click on the number of the added card and view all the information. Now you will always be able to view the balance status of your added cards.

Here are options for you on how to correctly check your gift card balance using only official sources!