Here we are going to talk about juggling soccer balls. This is the basics of this game, and kids start their soccer journey by learning how to juggle. But, it’s not something as easy as it sounds. Many of us never know to do it properly. In case we did, we could impress our teammates, improve ball control, and body balance. Juggling a ball has many benefits, and we are often not even aware of them. So, to gain this skill, the primary thing you need to do is to practice. There’s no going around it.

It is going to be hard at first, but with hard work, you can even become a professional in this domain. So, if you are prepared to become the master of both the ball and your feet, you need to bear us and read our article from top to bottom. Also, you’ll need to include not only your feet but also your head, shoulders, chest, and almost all other body parts. Make the first step to becoming a pro. Let’s see how to juggle a ball.

The Ball in Hands


Now we’re at the start, and this is a necessary move. It would be best if you had the ball in your hands and directly in front of your chest. That’s the perfect height and angle. The next move is even more comfortable. Drop it to the ground and let it go up after bouncing. After a few natural bounces, it’s time to take the matter into your legs and start kicking it up and up. At first, you should use your more muscular leg and kick the bell strong enough to reach the height of your chest once again, but not too harder than that. This is when you first start using a bit of technique.

Your leg needs to be angled a bit to the up, where your fingers are going towards your shinbone. In addition to that, you need to look that your ball is always hit with the laces. Because of this, there must be no double knots on your shoes. Another trick that could help is that when you make your first steps deflate the ball a little. This move will make things easier. When you get a hold of the action, you should inflate it to the professional level. The last tip in this section is that you always lock your ankles when juggling. That’s how the pros are doing it.

Bend The Knee


Don’t play the King in the North here. To juggle the ball correctly, you’ll need to bend your knees a bit. Not all the way down for the greater good of Westeros, just a little bit. This is done so that you could establish control of the ball with more ease. There’s no need to lock knees as we did with the ankles. The standing foot should be straight and firm on the ground; the kicking leg needs to have a slight curve in the knee area. One of the keys to juggling perfectly is balance. We already mentioned it. While being firm and balanced is vital, you also need to be able to move quickly but never lose the grip on the balance part. So, be balanced, firm, bend your knees, and keep the eyes on the ball. Winter is coming!

Be Consistent


As with all sports, consistency is the key. It what brings people success and makes them recognizable on the market. Whatever you do in life, being consistent is the key. Juggling the ball is not different. You’ll know that you are compatible with this activity when you are able to control the bale each time in the height of your stomach; it’s where you need to have it kicked all over again when you are doing a good job. When you conduct this action, you should avoid all leaning and reaching movements. Once you handle all of this with your stronger leg, it’s time to move on to the weaker one. This is where things become challenging, but repeat all we have said so far and keep pushing. No giving up is the key.

Increase Repetition


Juggling the ball is all about repetition. Once you get going, try to increase the number of times the ball bounces off your feet. Try to minimize the number of times the ball hits the ground. In the beginning, don’t force too many kicks. Kick the ball a bit higher but try to make a bounce of your feet rather than letting it hit the ground. The control is the goal. Once you can control your juggles, you can try and slowly increase the number of repetitions. Mastering one foot is the key before moving onto the next one. Interchanging at the beginning won’t do you any favors. Just take one step at a time. One leg follows the other, so don’t rush anything.

Altering Feet


This is where you want to arrive after mastering one leg. But, it’s important to remember, when you invoice your other leg, we are once again at the start. There’s no need to rush and have high expectations. Just take it slowly. Take the ball in your hands once again. Drop it, kick it up with your dominant foot. Once it hits the ground again, start doing the same with your other foot. Catch the ball with your hands after one kick and then change legs. There’s no shame in taking this approach. It will benefit you in the future. These small kicks will help you master juggling with your weaker foot. When you try to master your foot, you’ll be moving around a bit more, but this is normal. You will be more static once again later when you improve.


This is an excellent part of soccer, the ball juggling. While it is fantastic, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are more into watching sports rather than playing them, be sure one of the new and great streaming platforms is available here if you read more.