People make a common mistake when they want to gift an item to someone they love. They usually chase to find something that costs a lot and looks luxurious. The point of gifts it not to spend a lot of money at all. You need to strive to send some valuable message through that gift. However, choosing the right “message” is something that makes things more complex.
First of all, you need to know very well which interests that person has. If he is a gamer, than something related with this profession would be perfect for him. Buying him a Rolex watch that costs a fortune would not surprise that sort of person.

Well, in this article we would want to talk about car lovers. Purchasing a gift for them can be extremely complex. Indeed, you know their passion and you probably do not understand it. You get surprised when you see that they treat their car as the family member. There is always something they would want to update, fix, or simply replace.

Two things will make the entire “process” easier. Logically, you need to show creativity when picking the right item to gift. However, the things will be even easier if you understand the personality type of car lover that you want to surprise.

Different Personality Types of Car Drivers


The personality of a car driver determines which gift would be good for him. Despite that, there are some obvious differences between them. First of all, they like to drive different models of cars that have different features. Despite that, you will see the differences in the way they drive their vehicle as well. If you know that person for a longer time, it will not be tough to recognize his personality style.

For instance, some of the most common personality types of car drivers are adventurer, competitor, mechanic, etc. We will suggest you in the list below the perfect gift for different personality types.

Common Thing about All of Them

As we said, they all have different tastes and styles. However, that doesn’t mean they do not have anything in common. Every car lover wants to make his car look unique in some way. Because of that, the will upgrade certain things in different way to split from the mass of other vehicles.

One of the things that they would surely like is to have the unique replacement number plates. Many people do not know that they can gift personalized replacement registration plates to someone. Fortunately, something like that is possible. There are many websites like where you can ask for this sort of service. You can design unique, shape, size, borders, etc. Of course, it is important that you match the design of the replacement plates with the style of the car lover. In this way, the gift will be even more valuable to him.

Now, when we explained everything, let’s see together the unique gifts for car lovers by personality type.

Perfect Gifts for Competitors


It will be hard to understand clearly how passionate about win competitor car lovers are. They are trying to be better than other drivers in absolutely every segment. For example, they like to race against other drivers.

We are not talking here about professional car racers. Let’s imagine that you are sitting in car with that person and another car suddenly passes fast next to you. He will consider that as a big challenge and he will start to race with that vehicle. Their way of thinking will seem strange to everyone who is not a car enthusiast.

There are several different gifts that will truly surprise car lover competitors. First of all, a radar detector is something that they especially need. You friend or family member will get informed about speed camera, red-light, and speed trap locations. The today’s radar detectors are modernized and they are all secure by WI-Fi connection.

Another gift that you might consider is custom floor mats. They should somehow match with the color and their personality and style.
Finally, a phone holder is going to be a good choice as well. Keep in mind that competitors are too focused on driving. They do not like when something distracts them from doing that. If they have an urgent call, they will easily answer and talk without moving the hands from the steering wheel.

Perfect Gift for Adventurers


This sort of car enthusiasts is ready in every moment to take risks. When you look closer, it seems they are addicted to excitement and adrenaline. In most cases, you will see them driving Range Rover, Jeep, and other car. Despite that, they are usually big fans of skiing, kayak racks, and paragliding.

It seems that people have more options when they want to gift an item to adventurers. First of all, you can buy them a piece of gear that they can use for the activities we mentioned. You will match their style and personality and it will be a useful thing that they will often use.

One of the things they would need is a portable electric cooler. As we said, adventurers use every opportunity to go to the nature and experience excitement. They will have the chance to charge the cool through a USP port in their car. Their snacks and lunch will stay perfectly safe and tasty.

Still, there is one gift that might send one valuable message the adventurers. As we said, they are willing to take risks in every moment. However, you need to remind them that they should not risk their life because of adrenaline. You can purchase keychains and engrave something that will “slow him down”. For instance, “someone is waiting you at home” or “there is someone who love you” are good quotes for engraving.

Perfect Gift for Mechanist


The mechanist car lover is a person that is ready to get his hands dirty. If something bad happens to his vehicle, he would try to fix it alone. He doesn’t decide on that because he is stubborn or because he wants to save money. Drivers with this personality will rather invest time to learn to use different tools to fix the issue. In other words, this is some sort of their passion.
Because of that, a toolset would be a great gift for this type of person. However, you should be careful when purchasing this item. Try to pick the best ones that will be reliable and durable.