It is practically impossible to imagine our daily routine without a car. In the past, it was considered to be a luxury, but today it is a need. Commonly every family member has its vehicle and they do not depend on each other. Buying a car no longer requires a large sum of money or even raising a loan. Today it is possible to buy a decent car for a solid price. But what if your four-wheeled pet breaks down so much that it’s not worth repairing, or is destroyed in a car accident? No matter how ruined it is and you think you can’t sell it, there is always an option.

If your car is still operable, try to do some minor repairs to sell for a larger sum. Clean interior and exterior, remove stains from the seats, polish the instrument panel, change the light bulbs and wipers if necessary are only some things you can do and it will not cost you a fortune. Removing personal belongings from the car and stickers that adorned your car is inevitable. Maybe a potential buyer does not like to have a skull on the car or a sign Baby on the board. Adding a scent in it and cleaning an ashtray will make it look clean, smelly, and well preserved. Even smokers do not like to see an ashtray full of cigarette butts. Those are only minor things you can do.


But what if it is not worthy of investing your time and money in it? What if the engine is completely dead, tires are broken, and car bodywork is damaged and destroyed and you are not able not even to move it? If your car is not able to take you from point A to point B, it is the final time to get rid of it. We all heard about a junk car. You can check here for more information. The advantage of such places is no matter how destroyed your car is, they will accept it and even pay for it. Also, many car junk companies will even offer to pick up your car for free plus you will earn some money by selling it. So, everyone wins, the old wreck will no longer occupy the space in front of your house, and you will be paid for it to be removed.

You might think things will get complicated if you do not have a title for the car, and you are probably right. Without proof of ownership, every scrap yard and the towing company will refuse to take your car.

Fortunately, the solution still exists:


1.Try to sell valuable parts. If you know something about cars, try to do it on your own to avoid costs by calling a mechanic to check it. You can do a little research on the internet to learn more about spare parts. Take off the parts you think might be valuable, clean it, and try to sell it. If you do not know what price to offer, check on the internet, we are sure you will find the one in a similar condition. Our recommendation is to polish it, which will make it look newer. Try to remember when that part was installed in your car and try to put the best possible description below.

2. Tires are something you will probably be able to sell. If they are still in decent shape, it will not be the problem to sell it, having in mind many people buy used tires for their cars and use them as long as the pattern is good. Even if they are that old that the pattern is not visible anymore, there is still a hope you will earn. Believe it or not, many housewives found it decorative in their yard, by making flower pots of it!

3. Ask around what are your options for getting a title for it. It is not bad to ask for information in the local Department of Motor Vehicles. If it does not cost a lot, it will increase your chances to earn.


4. Now when you got the ownership paper and other necessary documents, you can start your search for the suitable scrap yard. Ask on many places how do they estimate the value of the vehicle, whether they pay per kilo or they do visual estimation how much it worth. We cannot say what is the better option, it depends on many factors.

5. Before you sell it, a few things must be done. the insurance company has to be informed about it, so as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

6. Be realistic in your expectation. We know it was your pet, but be aware of the fact it is no longer in a good condition and does not expect to make a fortune of it. Any amount you get will help in buying a new, better condition vehicle. Therefore, you will earn some money and save it at the same time by avoiding paying towing costs.

7. Take the plates off before you sell it. Many states require it before selling and, according to the law, you are obliged to do it.


8. Use the gasoline from your junk car. If you know you haven’t used up the entire tank, take it out of it in a canister.

9. Remove non-metal parts out of the car if a scrap yard requests it. Some of them might ask you to do it. This includes plastic inside and outside, and so as seats. This can be additional work for you, but on the other hand, it is also possible to buy those parts, they have some value.

If you are patient and not in the rush for cash, follow the price of the metal. Having in mind many scrap yards will pay per kilo, wait for the best moment when the price is higher to sell it.