No one ever plans to get severely wounded in a slip and fall mishap and when this happens to people, they usually feel utterly overwhelmed, frightened, and naturally, disoriented. Of course, you need to do everything correctly after the event occurs, but, a lot of people do not know what to start with.

If you found yourself in this unfortunate situation, there is a wide range of specific points that you have to follow in order to support – and win – the case. And, those actions will have major impacts on you obtaining the right compensation for the damages you sustained. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you must take:

1. Firstly, Ensure That Your Wounds Are Taken Care of

Although you may feel completely fine, you also might have injured yourself without realizing it. This is exactly why you must seek medical assistance immediately after the fall. This means that you need to ensure that your injuries are taken care of, especially since they can cause further complications that are normally harder to deal with.

You need to be aware that every moment that you wait to get checked out by a physician can lower the amount of money you can obtain from winning the case. Additionally, you’ll need to gather all the medicinal documents in order to file and support the claim. If you do not do this, the opposing lawyers can state that your wounds are not as severe as you initially claimed they were.

This means that you must opt for either visiting the ER (which is an option that is most suitable for the circumstances you are in), your chosen physician, or a hospital. Once there, you will want to mention how you got injured. This will support your claim further, particularly if you decide to mention all details, including the smallest amount of pain you are experiencing.

2. Never Miss The Medical Follow-up Checkups

If you choose not to go to the follow-up checkups, the jury may think that you were not severely wounded or hurt at all. Additionally, they can also think that you healed from the damages already. The same applies if you do not strictly obey the therapy options your physician prescribed. By doing this, you’ll have better chances of winning.

3. Report What Happened to The Owner/Manager of The Property

No matter where the incident happened – like in a market, mall, or in the post office – you must inform the landlord or the supervisor of the property. Now, this is crucial since the jury always question the legitimacy of the event, especially if you do not report it immediately or a day after it happened. Also, if you do not report it on time, you might get lower compensation.


4. Before Signing Anything, Call Your Chosen Attorney

In most situations, the insurance firm or a corporate party will try to make an offer to cover the hospital expenses you have, but only if you sign a paper that states that you won’t prosecute them in court. And if you think that this is a smart and easy solution, know that it absolutely isn’t. Although the deal can sound fair, it often provides a lower compensation than you would get.

This is why it is essential to consult your lawyer in these situations, especially since they’ll know exactly what you must do, and, of course, whether or not the compensation is enough for the damages your body sustained. If you are interested in learning more about these events and the legal guidance you can opt for, check out for more info.

5. Do Not Communicate With The Property Owners, Managers, or Additional Eyewitnesses

Besides speaking to them when you are reporting what has happened, you should not continue talking with the property owners, managers, or any other witness that you come across. This means that you must not give out details about how the incident happened or what caused it. No matter what you tell them, these individuals can testify against you, hence, you should really not communicate with them.

6. Discover What Prompted The Event in The First Place

The jury will ask you how the event occurred, and this is a factor that can either make or break your entire claim. Hence, for example, if the ground you were walking on was wet and slippery, you must learn what made it like that – like oil, wax, water, and so on. Additionally, you need to check if there was a sign warning people that the floor can be wet and if there is not, it might be easier for your lawyer to verify your claim and win it in court.

7. Take as Many Pictures as Possible

You’ll definitely want to take as many pictures as you can. This means that you need to photograph close-ups and wide-angle scenes, from a wide range of directions. Do not forget to take photographs of the specific area where you dropped and what might have contributed to it.

If you were severely hurt or if you are recovering from the wounds you sustained, you should ask one of your family members or close friends to take the pictures for you. It is desirable that you use the video call option when they are at the location in order to direct them to the area the incident occurred.


8. Write Down Every Single Detail That Your Remember

If you want to ensure that you win the case, you should definitely put down every single detail that you remember. This includes things such as what made you fall down, what the climate was like, the date and period it occurred, and of course, what might have prompted your fall. This can and should incorporate what areas of your body hit the terrain first, whether or not your braced once you were falling, and so on. Basically, write down every single detail that you retained since it will be easier for your lawyer to create a claim.


As you can see, there is a wide range of steps that you must take right after you experience a slip and fall accident. Although it might be difficult for you to go through each of the steps, it is crucial, particularly if you want to be compensated fairly and properly.

So, now that you know the important things you must do, you really should not waste any more time. Instead, start going through the points mentioned above and ensure that your case is totally covered and secured in the court of law. Of course, if you cannot do all of the things, you can always ask someone – like your family or close friends to help.