With modern-day technology, it is easier than ever before to capture the perfect holiday moment. With more and more of us taking pictures every day, many of us are looking for new and creative ways to keep hold of these memories forever. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of several ways that you can capture your special moments forever.

Bring A Camera


One of the easiest ways to capture holiday moments is to bring a camera. Whether this is the camera on your phone or a professional DSLR there are several ways that you can capture your holiday moments and keep them forever. This is also a great way to get friends or loved ones involved as you can encourage them to take pictures throughout the holiday as well, you are then able to compare photos when you get home so that everyone has memories from different parts of the holiday.

Print Your Images When You Get Home

When you have your images, you can then begin to print them off. This is a great way of keeping your images forever and allows you to show them to your friends. Whether it is a photobook made and placed on the bookshelf or a framed canvas print using the Parrot Print service, this is the perfect way to hold onto your images for life. In addition, displaying the images in this way makes sure that the originals are not damaged at this time.

Keep A Backup Of Your Images

In addition to printing the images, you must make backups of each of your images. This is key as this will make sure you can access them wherever you are. Though there can be some on your phone and desktop computer, you should also place some on an external hard drive. This will allow you access to the images should your computer break or you change your phone. These can be labelled and stored in a box and accessed whenever you feel like it, allowing you to keep your memories safe forever.

Make A Scrap Book


The final way that you can keep your images safe is to make a scrapbook. This will house not only the images you have made but other items you have collected throughout your trip. Whether it is plane tickets, concert tickets, armbands to a festival or other little keepsake, these can all be placed into a scrapbook along with your photos to make a little snapshot of each trip that you go on. These are great keepsakes that can be kept on a shelf in the living room and looked at whenever you want, making it a fun and creative way to store your memories.

With this in mind, there are several fun and creative ways that you can showcase your images and keep them forever. Whether it is a family holiday or a week away with your friends, you can hold onto these memories for life. Which of these will you be trying for yourself?

Create video content

As you have noticed so far, we mainly focused on pictures as one of the best and favorite ways to capture memorable moments on the trip. However, besides the ability to create an image, the camera also has the ability to capture video. Don’t forget that it’s sometimes more interesting to watch a video than to scroll through dozens and hundreds of pictures. Video content brings a different experience compared to pictures. You can also make a short movie about your trip and the locations you visited.

Besides, you can often see on YouTube that travellers have their own channel with all the vlogs they have recorded on trips. You can look up on these people and record whatever you want so you can remember your adventures at any time, even after many years. Of course, remember to back up and bring enough memory with you to keep recording as long as you want.

Write a diary


After applying some of the technological advances of mankind, we decided to include one old-school way on the list. That’s writing a diary. There is no doubt that many people have been started writing diaries at some point in their lives, or maybe they have been doing this for years. In any case, we all have experience with this. Well, creating a diary that describes your travel adventures in detail can bring back memories in the same way as pictures or videos. In addition, writing a diary is very interesting. So, there is no doubt that this is a great way to capture special moments from vacation.

Buy souvenirs, lots of souvenirs


There is nothing wrong with buying souvenirs. Some may think this is wasting money but trust us, souvenirs are awesome. These things are great for bringing back memories of holidays, unforgettable moments from trips and adventures. So, when you have the opportunity to buy some nice souvenirs, just do it. You can buy a few and later give them to friends and family as a gift.

Of course, souvenirs need not to be just purchased items. It can be anything. After all, the word “souvenir” comes from French and means memory, memento. Literally, you can take, for example, sand from the beach, a shell, a rock from a hiking adventure, whatever. The possibilities are unlimited. It just matters that that particular item reminds you of how fantastic you felt at that place and how amazing you feel now when you remember those moments.