How to choose a DSLR camera

DSLR cameras are known for use by professionals who consider photography as a primary profession. However, with the fall in prices, the so-called DSLRs have reached average photographers and other photo enthusiasts who consider photography as a likely hobby to consider in leisure. The manufacturers with a motive to cater to the market demand and thereby to increase the market share have come up with better and innovative products that not only easy and convenient to operate but also go easy on the pocket.

The sole motive is to make it a trend so that a person who never dreamt for a high-end camera can also avail the benefit of the situation. However, it is not like people nowadays do not have a camera but the manufacturers must present strong reasons behind placing a drive for such a high-end camera in the market. For user also there must be strong reasons behind upgrading to such a high-end camera as nothing comes for free in this world. Still while considering making such a purchase one should consider certain factors while choosing to buy a high end DSLR camera.

Pre-requisites for Selecting a DSLR Camera

With a growing need to address market requirements and thereby to retain market share manufacturers have been coming up with Pre-requisites for Selecting a DSLR Cameradifferent models of so-called DSLR cameras that can perfectly fit buyers needs. In this respect, there are certain pre-requisites as necessary for deciding upon the proper choice of one’s long waited desire.

Money Factor

It is considered as one of the prime factors while starting with DSLR camera purchase. However, the DSLRs range from quite affordable deals meant to cater to lower end till products with escalating prices specifically meant for professionals. In this respect, one should set up a target for purchase as it will help in choosing the right product that meets both ends. There are certain items for which one needs to incur additional cost and those include Lens, battery, Memory card, filter, and warranties.

Deciding Purpose

It is the very first question that one encounters when visiting a store for purchase. Deciding upon the purpose or nature of photography will help towards selecting additional accessories that one may require while running the device. The nature of usage varies from general recording until macro photography. Thus whatever may be the purpose there is a camera to serve individual needs properly.

Size does matter

Size does matter when it comes to convenience. It is something that is quite relative as per the person who will use it. If one is ready to carry the extra weight of accessories then it is good for them to go for bulky models. However if one likes to use them for go photography like travel photo etc then it is better to go for light models.

Compatibility with Previous Gear

This is considered to be the most significant advantage while going for a DSLR purchase. Some DSLRs are found to be Compatibility with Previous Gearcompatible with the old accessories that a user already have. This is quite prevalent in the case of a lens, memory cards, etc. A new camera model from the same manufacturer may be compatible with the lens available with all its models.

Picture resolution

This is a question that every buyer usually inquires from a store representative. It is a key parameter that decides the extent of image quality and is expressed in megapixels. However if one needs to get enlarged prints of images then it is better to go for higher ratings. Otherwise, it is not a crucial factor.

Size of the image sensor

It is another crucial factor to consider when deciding upon DSLR purchase. Larger the size of the image sensor better is the crop factor. However, for larger size the price varies accordingly.

Scope for Update

This is something that one should think twice before making any purchase decision. A DSLR purchase is a costly issue and hence it should be such that user can use it for a long time without thinking for a repurchase. In this respect, a camera must have scope for incorporating future updates in terms of accessories as per the growing need and demand of the workplace. It, however, depends upon the work level and professional exposure as one may look for some additional features at a later point of time then it is always better to go for something that can adapt changes with time with running heavily on pocket.

Additional Features

With every DSLR there are some features that come common Additional Featureswhile some of them are really awesome and found only in select models. In this respect, manufacturers usually charge an additional price for them. Below listed are some of the essential features one should consider while making a DSLR purchase.

Burst Mode

This is the feature to capture a series of images rapidly by merely holding the shutter button. It is quite useful while taking sports photography. It is something that every DSLR must-have.

ISO rating

It is yet another important parameter that decides the extent of photography at large. In this respect, one should consider choosing DSLR that offers good range in terms of ISO settings.

Shutter Speed

It is something essential when one is considering taking fast photography as prevalent in sports and other action series.

Size of LCD

This really matters in terms of viewing experience as one gathers while using a DSLR camera with a distinct LCD size. Even a difference of 0.5 inches matters a lot in terms of convenience and attractiveness of images.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a commonly used technology that is greatly in use in high-end cameras like DSLR. It is a great feature as it reduces the chances of blurred and displaced images.

Easy Share

Sharing of images is equally important as capturing them. In this respect, most of the DSLRs are equipped with ports to connect with PC or printer and even comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless connectivity with printers for easy sharing.