Kirtulgala is a village town that will incorporate an elegant charm with its natural setting of wooded hills. The sheer hills surrounding kitulgala are covered in dense forest and the area makes for some decent and day-long jungle hikes. You will need a guide, footwear, and waterproofs. Most hotels can arrange a guide and you will be suggesting a suitable route. This is the most experienced jungle man in the area.

Tips for Kitulgala jungle trekking:

The white water of the river provides a contrasting landscape at the backdrop of wooded hills. The river with its breathtaking white Tips for Kitulgala jungle trekkingwater will not endow a landscape but it will be the best place to enjoy white river rafting.

It provides a safe environment for water birds to indulge in the river that will end at the opposite bank. Sri Lanka being a tropical paradise and kitulgala jungle trekking is one of the destinations.

It will be considered the wettest destination primarily because of the magical season of monsoon. With a number of prosperous attractions, it affirms to be the most tourist-friendly place on the island. White

White water rafting is the village brags about the prosperous Kelani River stretch which comprises from the village base. The river that elegantly immortalizes the rafting experience of travelers from the place leaving them spellbound.

Kitulgala forest reserve:

Being a naturally prosperous village and kirtulgala inhabits an archaic forest reserve. This reserve is beautifully dotted with the delightful tropical flora. To contribute to the tourism of kitulgala is Kitulgala forest reservethe famous Adam’s peak. This is mountain range at the border of the Uva Province to the eastern plains that will offer an enchanting panorama. You have to travel from passara road and then turn at sachini flower nursery. You have to proceed on the gravel road up to the Adam’s Peak from Ella Town. This natural glory of the place will simply charm the visitors. This will justify the splendour of this place.

Kithulgala white water rafting:

The best white water rafting area in this island paradise and the charming hamlet of the kitulgala is a landscape with tropical foliage. A green hill is ideal for white water rafting as the Kelani River that is obstructed by several boulders in the area. This will be thrilling conditions for a challenging but it will secure rafting experience.

The rafts will pick up speed as they approach head chopper in the right-hand shores of the river as tree branches. The night time rafting with headlights will take place on full moon nights for this unique adventure.

Composed of 90 minutes runs which will stretch across the white water rafting excursion at kitulgala that will pass through two or three rapids. The rapids along the Kelani River are sufficiently safe for even children to navigate. The periods between May and December are deemed ideal for rafting activities in black water rafting excursions. This will offer tourists a wide range of self-driving when it comes to providing with premium vehicles.