Warts are the pattern of skin growths caused by human papillomavirus around neck, face, hands and plantae. There are more species of viruses which can violate the causes of skin growths. Never come into the conclusion of warts, check with your doctor and find out the types and the causes of skin growth. It is easy to remove warts on hands as it is not a cancerous growth.

Effect of warts on hands:

Effect of warts on handsIt affects mostly on children as it is a transmitting disease it can spread to anyone by direct contact. It may take around 6 months for a complete recovery from warts. If you have a perfect immune system then the early cure is possible. It is due to stress, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, malnutrition and minor injury. External factors are the major carrier to transmit the disease.

To remove warts on hands for children there are a lot of techniques and treatments to eradicate the formation of warts.

Types of warts on hands:

Common warts:

It appears mostly on fingers, back of your hands and palms. It might look like the same color of your skin and by touch or contact, it easily spreads to another healthy body.

Types of warts on handsVulgar warts:

Verruca Vulgaris is the type causes vulgar warts. It induces skin growth in a high percent. When you clear the parent warts from the skin then further warts eventually disappear.

Flat warts or plane warts:

Young people are more prominently affected by flat warts. It has a lower skin growth which can be treated easily.

Recommended treatments:

Over the counter creams:

Creams are used to remove warts on hands to subside the effectiveness of warts. It reduces the skin lumps and dries it off. Over the counter products encounter side effects which might be harmful to your skin or it may affect healthy skin with warts.

Salicylic acid:

Salicylic acid is the great source of removal of warts on hands as it penetrates to your skin and removes the dead skin cells which are caused by HPV virus. Before applying the solution, clean your skin areas and dry it.


High-frequency electric current passed through the affected areas on your hands and it removes small warts as it penetrates through the skin.

Liquid Nitrogen:

Liquid nitrogen dip can be used to remove warts on hands with the help of hemostat. It can remove multiple warts with a single nitrogen dip. It can be done by medical practitioners.


Chemical agents might remove warts easily. If mistakenly touches the healthy skin it might get burn so practitioners must treat carefully with chemicals.


Cauterization with celandine juice is very effective to remove warts on hands, fingers and nails. Along with the local anesthesia, the cauterization is the most effective method to remove warts on hands.

Key Note:

Onion with vinegar is effective to stop the growth and remove warts on hands. Onion soaked in vinegar for two hours can be applied to the infected areas eventually, you will feel the difference in continuous usage.