Today’s technology truly allowed people to choose between different ways to make money. Some people would rather choose to start an online business or show their skills as freelancers. However, some people claim they only want to make some additional money. Finding another job is too frustrating for them. They are looking for the most entertaining way to make a profit. Because of that, online gambling has become one of the most popular industries in the world. 

The opportunity to gamble from the comfort of your room is one of the reasons why people like to gamble online. Despite that, many online casino practices to reward their clients regularly. They usually offer welcome bonuses that make things easier for beginners. In the end, a variety of games is something you can expect in every online casino. 

It is important to say that video slots are quite popular in the gambling world. There are a couple of reasons why they gained huge popularity of gamblers. First of all, their visual part is amazing because of the advanced graphics. Despite that, you will manage to get different bonuses. Those bonuses will allow you to enjoy even more in the games you play. In the end, simplicity is one of the features that most people like. You don’t have to possess some advanced gambling skills to play these games. 

Because of its huge popularity, you will manage to find many types of video slots. A wide range of options requires that we analyze the subject a bit more. You came to the right place to find out what are the most popular video slots. 

1. Jumanji


The world of Jumanji is something every gambler should experience. Believe it or not, the storyline of the game is based on the 1995 film. You might want to check the movie before starting to play the game. 

Anyway, each player will have the chance to spin the 5 reels with 36 lines to bet. Your task should be to hit certain combinations with symbols. The symbols you will see there are A, K, Q, and J. Additionally, you will also meet with high-value symbols such as crocodile, lion, and rhino. The bonuses you can get come in the form of sticky symbols, wild symbols, and free spins.

2. Wheel of Fortune: On Tour


As you probably know, the popular game show served as a motivation for the game. You will get the chance to start a journey with the reels of fortune. IGT is the company that developed the game and it is the most responsible for its popularity. 

In short terms, the game itself has 30 paylines and 5 reels. You should primarily know that progressive jackpot doesn’t exist in the game. However, you will manage to collect a huge number of in-game bonuses. By the way, the number of people that win the jackpot is small. Because of that, we believe many gamblers will not consider this as a big disadvantage. 

3. Starburst


Experienced gamblers will tell you that no one expected that Starburst will become so popular. That confirms that things in the gambling industry are not certain at all. Logically, it is something that makes them even more entertaining for people. 

Starburst is an amazing intergalactic game that comes with bright shapes. These shapes will glow each time you hit a combo. Because of that, we hope they will glow often when you play. 

The NetEnt s the developer of the game and they invested a lot of effort to meet the requirements of the players. Before everything, we should say that game has 5 reels. Despite that, it can have up to 10 lines to bet on. Fortunately, the list of amazing features does not stop there. The game also comes with different types of in-game bonuses. You may get a range of wilds that always appear on the 2, 3, and 4 reels. 

4. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


Older generations probably remember how popular this soundtrack was during the 70s. We need to highlight that game is full of symbols that fans of that soundtrack will surely like. You will manage to see some of your favorite characters and different movie references. For instance, Ron’s dog Baxter, a glass of scotch, and old-school aviators are some of those references. 

Bally company is the creator of the game that contains 25 lines and five reels. However, there are special bonus rounds you will manage to get if luck stays on your side. You can get a shot at winning the Big Bonus and different free spins. 

5. Family Guy


Entertainment and great graphics are two features that will attract you to play Family Guy video slot. The theme song goes each time when you make the spin. Despite that, you will also see some of your favorite characters. Many players consider the game a bit nostalgic. They get a flashback to some amazing moments of their favorite hit show. 

The game itself comes with 3×5 reels and it allows users to get bonuses in different ways. You will get three bonus rounds which is an amazing thing for every video slot enthusiast. Yet, we need to highlight that you can potentially win 100 000 dollars thanks to those three rounds. In the end, you should know that each bonus round is “character-specific”. The symbols you will see feature Lois, Stewie, and Peter. People that haven’t watched the show will not understand why these characters are so important. 

6. Fairytale: Red Riding Hood


The purpose of the game is to hit combos with treasure chests, locks, keys, and storybooks. You should know that NetEnt once again invested a lot of effort to release an amazing game. The players will get the chance to test their luck with 20 lines and 5 reels. Despite that, you will also get the chance to enjoy 3 randomly triggered bonuses and get some wild symbols. Those symbols can raise the chances of winning money with new re-spins and free spins. 


Before we say “goodbye” to each other, there is one thing we have to say. You can’t even imagine how many different video slot games exist on the market. The list we shared with you is not final. At GoodLuckMate website, you can see which options you additionally have. We recommend you analyze each game you see there and pick the one that meets your expectations.