Our love for video games simply won’t end. Now that the news of the next-gen PlayStation 5 is brewing up, it’s impossible to patiently wait anymore. We will be getting AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed but we are yet to know the official release dates of these games. We cannot keep our hopes clung on to tentative dates.

The PlayStation platform has always explored varied game genres. Some belong to the adventure category and on the other end of the spectra; there are horror survival games – a galore of them actually.

When you tune into your Spectrum TV select or a streaming platform, you tend to end up in the horror genre tab. Why? Check here to learn more about this problem. Well, everyone enjoys a good scare, right? The same is the case with video games and PlayStation 4 has several horror titles to its name. Keep reading as you might have missed a few!

1. Resident Evil 3: Remake

Don’t expect Nemesis to get off your back for even a second. The tyrant follows you around in every alley, every abandoned building, and even sneaks his way into subways. Your every move is constantly being traced and all you have to do is escape until you have enough weaponry to shoot the tyrant down. Resident Evil 3 surely sounds like your typical survival horror game but if you have played the original RE3, you already know that’s not the case with this one.

2. Until Dawn

A survival game that gives new meaning to the Butterfly Effect, Until is a lot more than plain eerie. You get gore, you get jumpscares and you get to make heart-wrenching decisions for every character you come across. One wrong decision and no one’s fate will stay the same. The game’s story doesn’t follow a straight line either so we recommend you giving it a try before we give away major spoiler!

3. Alien: Isolation

We have seen the Xenomorphs on the big screen but what about fighting against one in a game? Alien: Isolation makes it possible for you. On an abandoned spaceship with all of its crew members dead, Ellen Ripley is sent on a mission to find her mother, a member of the spaceship crew. What she finds in the darkest corners of the ship is a – Xenomorph. Ellen has no chance against it. All she has to do is hide and sneak her way out of the ship.

4. Resident Evil 4

Despite originally being a PlayStation 2 game, Resident Evil 4 is certainly the most popular RE sequel to date. That’s why it was given for the game to have a PS4 release. Leon Kennedy is on a mission to find the president’s daughter but what he finds on this one simple mission is gruesome and unforeseen!

5. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 didn’t get a lot of mainstream popularity yet the enigmatic aura the game gives off would make you pick it up for a try. The game follows the same story as the first game but things get a bit messier this time.

6. Bloodborne

Now this one is a PlayStation exclusive title. From the creators of The Dark Soul, Bloodborne brings forward a similar gameplay style but the lore is a tad bit different. You will find many similarities in the game’s mechanics such as the impossible to beat bosses and the game’s visuals yet the bosses have a unique flair to them. You will enjoy reading into each bosses’ lore once you defeat them!

7. Outlast

Outlast brought out the ‘literal’ meaning in survival video games. Unlike Resident Evil you don’t have to shoot down zombies and takedown bosses rather the entire home are your fight for survival with no weapons. All you get is a mere torch and you have to use it smartly. Use a bit too much of it at the wrong time and you will fall victim to the obscene monsters lurking in the asylum.

8. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a reverse survival game where you play in a multiplayer mode either as a group of survivors or a killer who has to chase and hunt down all the survivors. The plot sounds simple, so is the gameplay but if you don’t want to end up with a group of random players who are likely to play, it’s always best to group up with premades.

9. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Another favorite from the Resident Evil series, the 2017 game didn’t follow the story of Kennedy or Ada Wong. Capcom let players play Biohazard in a first-person view and brought more focus on the essence of horror survival instead of brainless zombie shooting. The game is ridden with jump scares, a bunch of plot twists here and there, and an ending most of us wouldn’t have ever expected.

10. The Last of Us: Remastered

While we eagerly wait for The Last of Us Part II, we simply cannot leave the first post-apocalyptic game from the list. A survival game with a streamlined story mode, the game is set in a world where a fungal infection consumes everything it finds in its path. Joel and Ellie are the two main protagonists who have to stay toe to toe with survival with a sole goal – to find the roots of the fungal infection.

11. Days Gone

And finally, the last game on our list is Days Gone. We couldn’t leave out the popular zombie survival game. You play as Deacon and roam about Oregon completing missions, unlocking story sequences without missing out a galore of headshots. The gameplay is simple so you will get a hang of the gameplay mechanics quite easily. The graphics quality is top-notch, the story is engrossing so yes, the game becomes a must-try.

All in all


The horror genre is still popular as ever in the gaming industry. The year 2024 has many gems in store for us, some are even PlayStation exclusive titles. Surely the year won’t end without having a few horror titles added to the repository!