The last few years have been quite difficult for us, with the outbreak of the pandemic still present. When we first heard about the virus we were quite convinced that it was not about anything serious, a common cold or the flu that would be solved by taking medication and vitamins.

However, it never occurred to us that the situation would escalate and we would spend half the time at home or be locked up in our homes all the time. But what we feared became a reality that we had to accept. We had to adapt to the new way of life, to the new “normal”.

So most of us who had the privilege of working from home did so and left home only if it was an emergency. We worked from home, we studied from home, we found hobbies that will fill the rest of our days such as reading books, watching TV series and movies that we missed in the past, listening to music and dancing to it, learning new languages, playing board games, gaming with friends and more.

Perhaps one of the most popular hobbies during lockdowns was playing video games. Not only is it one of the most popular but it is also one of the most expensive ones. Today, not everyone can afford to have a console or a computer with a good gaming configuration.

But that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune to enjoy your favorite hobby. To help you save on your favorite hobby, today we are going to show you some smart ways you can save money on games and gaming equipment. Therefore, we recommend that you continue reading and find out what those ways are.

1. Follow promotions and actions on gaming equipment


Surely by now, you have missed at least once some really good deals and discounts on gaming equipment and games. For example, for some holidays, websites have huge online discounts on their products.

But you may not find out about this discount and miss out on a good deal that will save you a lot of money. But is it possible to have a look at all the flyers and catalogs and be notified of the best discounts on the products you need? Of course, yes, and in addition to this information if you sign up you can receive notifications by email for all ongoing discounts.

If you are wondering where you can find all the current discounts on the best gaming deals, there is one website that can offer you that. You can search where you can buy games or equipment that are on sale or at a promotion that will save you money. You can find all the best deals at

2. You can sell the ones you do not play and buy used games


The beauty of games that are still in CD form is that their ownership can be changed. For example, open a browser and go to your favorite game shop website and look for a game for PlayStation 4. In the offer of games, you can admit thousands who are from different genres.

You pick one who has been on your list for some time and places your order. The game arrives at your address and you are eager to start playing. After a few hours of playing you realize that the game is not as interesting and entertaining as you originally thought. You think it’s not worth the money you spent buying it.

But it is not the end of the world. You always have the option to sell this game and buy another one that is already used. You can do the same with the other 10, 20 games that just take up the dust on your shelves.

Advertise them for sale and after you sell them, you will buy one or two that are already used and you think you could play them for a long time. You will not spend a fortune on new games, and all the time you will have something new to play that will fill your free time.

3. You can share a subscription with a friend


A monthly subscription has some extra benefits. Some of the fantastic options that will be available to you with the subscription are free games that you can play every month, discounts in the official store, ie the official site, free delivery, and many other things. But how would this pay off?

You will make a smart choice if you decide to share your monthly or one-year subscription with a friend. So you two will share the account and enjoy all the positive features and benefits of the subscription.

4. Wait a few months before buying the game


Do not make hasty decisions when it comes to buying video games. The creators and the whole team always do good marketing and pomp around the release of the video game. And buyers are always caught on the hook and even if the price is too high, they are still willing to give this amount of money.

However, when all the fame and euphoria surrounding the game falls, there is always a period when the same game will have a holiday price or a discount for any other occasion. And these discounts can be quite good. So yes, I would advise you not to rush into buying the game right after it goes on sale. Wait a month, and you can have the same game for a significantly lower amount.

These are smart ways in which many of you can enjoy your gaming hobby without compromising on your wallet. If you follow and apply these tips, with a little more patience, using the right resources and services, you can enjoy your favorite games without paying the full amount.

I think now is the right time to visit the link above and find all the available sales and promotions at the moment, and of course to choose the one that suits you best. And now you can go back to your favorite hobby and continue playing.