There is no better way of cooling yourself down during hot days than having a cold beverage. No matter is it water, juice, or an alcoholic drink. Also, there is no party without whiskey with ice cubes. With the ice-cube machine, you will always be ready if your friends decide to surprise you with the visit. Ice-machine is no longer luxury, it becomes a necessity and it’s affordable to anyone. The prices are no longer high as they were and it is very easy for installment, the only two things you need are electric plug and water supply.

Even though ice machines are innovated a decade of years ago, in the last few years they have experienced a real expansion. It becomes popular in private and business purposes. In every coffee shop, it is expected to get an ice-cold beverage, especially in the summertime.

Here are some benefits of having an ice machine at your home:

  1. You always have a cold drink. Even though you forgot to put your favorite juice into the fridge, it is cold and ready in only a few seconds, just put some ice in it and enjoy it.
  2. We all like parties with cocktails, cold beer, and alcohol. A cocktail without ice is nothing but failure, but with ice, it becomes an amazing refreshment. There is nothing more refreshing than beer from the ice barrel or ice-cold water.
  3. What is also interesting that even doctors recommend you to drink cold if you have a sore throat. We all know it helps. So, you don’t have to bother yourself going to the supermarket when you have the right medicine in the house. Ice is also always helpful with injuries, after dentist intervention or, swollen joints. Doctors advise us to put some cold pledget in case of injuries, it also helps with mosquito and bee bites so in this way we can say it is good for your health.
  4. It does not consume much electricity and water. It works on the principle of water heater – it stops working when it’s full and starts again to recharge when necessary. It is a constant consumer, but it works on the principle of replenishment.
  5. For the house usage, these devices are usually smaller size so you don’t have to worry if it will fit in your kitchen. It can also be installed on your working surface or kitchen island. But if you need a big-size ice maker for your catering facility or any other purpose, there are also compatible. More about ice-machines you can read here.

  6. The important thing to know is that this machine needs service and cleaning from time to time. Due to the large flow of water in this device over time are deposited algae, dirt, and limescale. Hygiene is very important having in mind that during the time an ice-machine can have more bacteria than a toilet seat. Proper handling grippers, bowls, and spatulas are key for health and clean ice. Also, the hygiene of people who touch the ice is very important. The recommendation is to do cleaning and service once a year. Also, parts that are in contact with the water has to be disinfected, too. To have good and clean ice this is inevitable.
  7. Since the ice-machine is a litter of bacteria, think about the capacity you need for the usage. Do not buy a larger machine because you think it is more cost-effective. If the ice is too long in the machine, you might have to take it out of it and start the ice producing again.
  8. We already mentioned that ice is suitable for cooling your drink at high temperatures, but it can also be useful in the kitchen. When you are impatient to drink your hot tea or soup, just put an ice cube in it and it’s ready. Also, it is good for flowers. When orchids stop blooming, just but two ice cubes on it and you will see beautiful new flowers in several days. Ice is also effective for removing the bubble gum from fabrics. Just rub ice over the gum and it will easily fall. For creative ones, ice can be a very good business. Ice sculptures are becoming very popular in big, luxury parties, and if you have an ice machine and you have interests in such kind of art, this could be a good way of earning.
  9. After an exhausting training, the best treatment for muscle relaxing is to lay in the bathtub with ice-cold water. This is what famous sportsmen do to relax their muscles, so why shouldn’t you afford yourself the treatment you deserve as well. It is also good a very powerful face treatment. It is the fastest way to restore the skin’s fresh and youthful appearance. When you are in a hurry, just rub your face with ice cubes and the skin will look younger in the second. An additional advantage is ice narrows pores leaving your face smooth.
  10. One more advantage of using ice-machines is that they are simple for users and very reliable. The capacity depends on a buyer’s needs and machines can produce several different shapes of ice, depending on your needs: full ice cubes, crushed, granulated, or hollow ice, etc.

Types of ice


The choice of ice depends on the buyer’s needs. Every type will cool the drinks down, but if you want to provide high-quality service it is necessary to know features of every kind of it.

Full ice cubes are distinguished with greater weight compared to hollow ones. It is cubic size, filled with ice. This kind is suitable for better cooling of drinks.

Hollow ice is lighter with the pure, crystal structure, bigger size than full cubes, fast cooling, and melting. This type is more suitable for crushing and it is usually used for cocktails.

Granulated ice is mostly used for cocktails for keeping a fresh fish and seafood cold. It also found a purpose in pharmacy and chemical and industry, but also spa treatments.