For any major event whose organization you are planning in 2024, regardless of whether it is a wedding or a cocktail party, the help of experts is always welcome. As long as you have information about the number of guests, date, and a period during the day for which you need these services, you will easily get the price with one phone call. Hiring a bartender for celebrations can be a difficult task, although at first glance it doesn’t look like it. Sometimes it happens that the client’s expectations about the package of services he receives and what is actually offered to him aren’t the same. This often leads to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction, so it’s recommended to be well informed about everything before you definitely decide on which company to hire. There are many factors to consider but also many questions to ask to make sure this is what suits your needs.

What are the impressions of previous users? Does the company have a license to serve alcohol? How expert is the bartender? Who will clean up after the guests leave? These are all questions that you have to establish at the very beginning so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.

And what are the other things that should be considered in this situation, let’s look together.

1. Get well informed about the company


This is a basic rule whenever you hire some service providers. Whether it’s a hairdresser, a restaurant in town, or Bar Services. If you are already paying well, then it would be okay to get the quality you were looking for in return. Therefore, you must be well informed about who could best meet your wishes.

The road to reliable information isn’t that difficult. You can always ask for a recommendation from your acquaintances and friends. Check websites, social networks, as well as comments from previous users. That will mean a lot to you because if there are a lot of bad comments, you will know that you don’t want to cooperate with such a company.

2. Make sure they have a license to serve alcohol


This information is crucial. The company that deals with this business, which focuses on alcoholic beverages, must have the appropriate license for that. For security reasons, regulations are governing this area, so don’t continue negotiations without a license certificate.

It may seem like an insignificant little thing, but it is by no means negligible. Not having a license is very punishable by the authorities and you and they can be in trouble. And we’re sure you won’t want your wonderful day to fail because of information you didn’t get on time or didn’t even remember to check it out.

3. Find out about the bartenders who will be serving


The bartenders you will hire must have certain characteristics and qualifications that meet the criteria required by this job. Ask any questions that interest you to get a clear picture of the profiles of the people you need.

Companies whose business is at least services will most likely offer you professionals who have been in the business for a long time. The qualities that should be important to you are the attitude towards guests, helpfulness at all times, and technical knowledge about alcohol. They should not be addicted to alcohol because it can cause problems that you will not want at all.

4. Find out the range of drinks they offer


Drinking is what will be a priority topic in your conversation with service providers. You know best what your guests like and what range of drinks would be right for them. So you know what you need. All you have to do is report the number of people.

Companies really do their best to make cocktail packages with a variety of flavors, with dry ice additions that complement the stunning visual design. Click here for more information.

You can also reach an agreement with them to add some of your drinks as you wish, and thus get a discount.

5. Check the details carefully


Don’t be surprised when you realize that many services are additional and not part of the basic package. You may expect special glasses or consider ice mandatory, but when you realize during the party that this isn’t the case, it may be too late.

If you don’t have the right ingredients at the right time, everything can turn into a disaster, and we are sure you would like to avoid that. Meet with the manager who will agree on the terms of cooperation with you and ask him to provide you with a list of everything you will get for the money you pay. This is the only way you will notice what is missing from that list and you will be able to ask in time why and how you could pay extra for it.

6. Make sure you don’t get charged for planning services 


This is a situation where you can easily find yourself and stay confused. A bartender who is highly skilled in his work will suffice for 50 guests. If they really have the experience that the agency guarantees, they should be able to manage this number of people.

However, among these employees, there is usually a manager who is in charge of them. Likely, they will eventually try to charge you for organization and planning services, even though you already had a person who performed that task. So you don’t have that cost any more and don’t let yourself be fooled and pay double.

7. Consider whether you need a Bar Back


Bar Back’s job is to supervise the bartenders and keep them from serving guests for as long as necessary. This includes various activities that don’t only include serving, such as storing empty bottles, procuring glasses and ice, cooling beer, etc.

A well-organized caterer, which includes a constant presence at all jobs required on that day, will most likely not require a supervisor. But if many of them are just waiting to finish what their basic job is and to go home, thinking that this is where their role ends, then you will probably need at least one Bar Back.

After all, you can completely avoid any problems if you carefully consider all the factors on this list. Listen carefully, get well informed, and let the cocktails at your party be talked about for a long time.