Whether you are writing a seminar paper, a dissertation, an article in a journal, or something else, the feeling that we are stuck with a blank page is not pleasant. Then all sorts of thoughts run through our heads, but never the ones we really need at that moment – or so we think…

This is one of the biggest problems for people who have started writing an academic paper, and it is generally a problem with writing anything. This condition is most often justified by a lack of inspiration. It is wrong to rely exclusively on inspiration at this stage, it is an academic work that should be well structured.

So inspiration is always welcome. However, you cannot rely only on it when it comes to such serious projects. Sometimes the solution comes to us quite suddenly, but mostly we need a good organization which is always a better option. You desperately need a good writing strategy, but don’t worry if you’re not good at it yet. This is gained through experience. Read a little more about it in the text and learn how to get out of this situation.

Stay calm


Remember that there is no room for panic when writing an essay. Feeling stuck and not knowing how to move on is not something that only happens to you. This happens to many other people who are experienced writers. For example, think about your favorite author and ask yourself if he wrote every book in one go.

Of course not, he must have stopped at least at one point to gather himself and move on. Maybe he even had to pause for a few months, or it lasted shorter. However, the blockade has certainly happened, and so it is no wonder if it is happening right now to you.

Be imaginative


Now that you have relaxed, don’t think so much about the next step until you have rested for at least a few minutes. Get a colored pencil or something even more fun. Maybe start making a collage of ideas or something. Basically, the point is to employ your mind with something fun and you will surely have more motivation to continue, some new ideas will be born, or you will try to write about something even better from scratch. Either way, you can always go outside to clear your mind even better and take a walk, ride a bike, invite friends, etc.

Get on time

You could do all this only if you started writing early. It is very important that you set aside enough time and free up space for situations like this. In order to better organize your time, it is not bad to set a timer. This will be the best motive for continuing to write and complete the essay. When you realize that you have too little time left to submit an essay, you can become even more nervous and less motivated.

So set aside real-time and set your timer. This way you will force yourself to finish what you started and stay responsible until the end. Otherwise, you may repeatedly tell yourself that you have time and you can’t deal with it now, but writing an essay also requires discipline.

Also, when you go at least a week in advance to think about an idea, you have enough time to avoid forcing yourself when you have to have it. With this method, you can also avoid bad writing, because due to lack of time, you will write mostly what comes to your mind. Sometimes it won’t be good enough.

Perfectionism is not necessary


If this is your personality trait, turn it off during this job. Don’t get us wrong, because we’re not telling you not to make an effort while writing. We just advise you that if you have a plan, keep writing even if you pause for a moment. Don’t dwell too long on some sentences that aren’t that important and can pass without correction.

Eventually, mark it so you can come back later if you think you can’t think of something better right away. Keep in mind that the best essays arose from only a few theses, which were later elaborated and presented as great ideas, reasoned views, etc.
That is why this is a procedure that requires, above all, restores, corrections and a lot of editing. All this makes it much better. Reconcile with the fact that it will never be perfect the first time and only see later what you can do with it.

Good structure


Perfectionism may not be desirable, but a well-structured overview must exist. So, work hard on your sketches, which will help you have a quality whole later. If you pause for a moment, go back and review your hypotheses, paragraphs, and try to break them down again. Once you get a great overview, you will know how to proceed. You’re probably just lost because you’ve lost consistency at some point, but if your work contains thematic sentences, they will trigger your argument.

This is exactly how you will be able to control it at every stage of writing. However, if this does not happen to you, try to write down your ideas on another piece of paper and work them out. Lastly, you can always take advantage of extra help if you know where to look for it. If you are wondering what kind of help we are talking about, visit and find out.



Don’t forget to research. This is not just the initial stage. It extends throughout the writing and helps by supporting your argument. Know that it is not enough to have one idea as a framework for your work. You can get into a situation where you often repeat yourself and mostly block there.

So keep researching, because that’s what brings life to your academic work. If you are stuck, you most likely have not researched and stored all the information enough to facilitate access. Think about whether you have all the references with you.


So, when you can’t continue writing your essay, do one thing. For start, relax. You have to avoid stress. Stress kills creativity. Then search the internet for some topics, read them, write down some observations and start creating your strategic plan. We hope that we have helped you to design it as well as possible and finish it fast.