Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, records suggest it was first used in China and India to treat many different ailments. And with modern medicine, we have today and some of the negative side effects that can occur from using them many people are once again looking back in history and to nature for help. Cannabis products come in many different forms and are usually made from two different strains,

Indica and Sativa, both are similar but do have different properties. With many countries now legalizing cannabis or at least being tolerant of the use of cannabis many people are now looking to grow their own for personal recreational use or to help them with an underlying medical condition. Finding the best seeds and advice for the first time can be a bit daunting but websites with a good reputation.

Indica For Medical Purposes And What We Know


India grows naturally in the very hostile environment of the Hindu Kush mountain range located on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, whilst it does grow in other areas of Central Asia the Hindu Kush range is considered to grow the best Indica. Due to the high quality, it is often preferred over Sativa for medical use as it usually boasts a lower THC content and higher CBD levels.

The higher the CBD content means Indica has a quick has a strong sedative effect which is ideal for insomnia and other people with underlying sleep disorders and helping to relieve stress and anxiety. It would be a bit naive to say just because the high CBD content alone is what makes Indica strains a great sedative as many strains contain very high levels of THC that will help the patient sleep also. We know that extracting single compounds from the plant has little or no effects, it’s only when used as a whole can the human body benefit.

Medical Marijuana and its Complex Plant Structure


CBD and THC are not the only compounds in marijuana there have so far have been over one hundred cannabinoid compounds identified in these plants. Also present are omega acids, terpenes, and flavonoids not only found in Indica but also in Sativa and hybrid strains which all have medical benefits also. Not all strains have same properties visit to learn more.

More research is still needed on the chemical and genetic makeup of Indica to determine the full range of compounds that the plant holds. And with all the hybrid strains still being developed each year changing the genetics of Indica, we may never truly understand it in its purest form also due to pesticides used even in the mountains of the Hindu Kush. Currently, there is no international database to work from.

The Most Common Medicinal Uses of Indica


Whilst it is widely believed in many different countries and cultures that marijuana can help with many different health issues only some have been proven to be effective and work. Here is a list of the most popular medical uses for cannabis

Medical Indica helps to relax muscles whilst still keeping the mind sharp, this is incredibly useful for people with highly physical lifestyles who just want to relax after a hard day. The promotion of sleep is one of the main uses, especially for medical Indica. A recent study conducted in Switzerland concluded that for naturally induced sleep Indica medicine works better than anything else currently on the market, it has now been proven.

With such high levels of CBD found in Indica, it has also been confirmed that Indica products can help to reduce anxiety, depression, and even PTSD symptoms. Long before clinical trials, many people already knew this from personal experience using cannabis and Indica especially.

Indica has already begun to help suffers from a rare form of epilepsy which can cause hundreds of seizures in a single week. GW Pharmaceuticals developed and had a drug approved specifically for epilepsy called Epidiolex, brought to the market in 2018 is very popular among sufferers. With so much research being conducted it is only a matter of time until new and potentially life-changing cannabis-based products will be released.

Are Indica Plants Hard to Grow?


Even though the origins of Indica lie in the mountains of Central Asia and its rugged terrain most Indica that is consumed domestically is homegrown. Growing them indoors is a popular way of controlling the amount of light they receive and water, they also do not take up much room as they are small and short plants but deliver an incredible yield for such a small plant. After planting the seeds you can expect results in about two months.

You don’t need to be an expert grower or have particularly green fingers to grow Indica. They are also not expensive to grow due to the relatively low maintenance they require to grow. With some research before planting and a little bit of trial and error, it won’t take long to master the technique, and will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


With so many medical applications that can be derived from cannabis and especially Indica products, the governments of the world are starting to take notice of the benefits of the legalization of marijuana. Long overdue in many people’s eyes especially sufferers of depression, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy, and chronic pain.

Cancer and Aids patients have also given very positive feedback on the relief they feel after using cannabis products. Cancer patients, especially after chemotherapy treatment, notice a reduction in the unfortunate side effects of the necessary procedure.

With all the benefits that can be achieved by using Indica and other cannabis products, it is surely time to consider growing your own. It can also be fun to watch how quickly they grow and count down the days to your harvest, you won’t be disappointed, after all, it’s been tried and tested for thousands of years.