The cannabis plant is a very diverse one, both in its many varieties and in the methods of consumption. Over the decades, people have come up with some truly fascinating ways of reaping the benefits of this wonderful plant. Not all of the methods are equal both regarding their efficiency and appeal. Therefore, each consumer has their own. If you are a newcomer to the practice you may be overwhelmed with all the different types of devices and practices. It is normal so do not worry. For that exact thing, we decided to assemble a list of the most common methods of consuming cannabis. After gaining this knowledge you will be much more educated on the matter. Then you can get out there and try the one(s) you seem to like the most. All methods have various sub-methods but and can be used as umbrella terms.

1. Inhaling


Inhaling is a term that encompasses all of the different ways in which a consumer can smoke cannabis, that is, inhale the smoke from a burning product into their lungs. Smoking or inhaling is the absolute most common way of consumption. It is spread all over the world and the traditional and perhaps the easiest way of doing things.

Various types of inhalation exist, all of which are quite popular methods among people. First and foremost there are joints. As you probably know, a joint is a rolled cigarette-looking piece of paper that contains dried and cured cannabis leaves and flowers. One end is lit and the user inhales through the other. The effects one gets through a joint greatly depends on the kind of product and the amount of THC. It is general knowledge that smoking a joint is arguably the most effective way to almost instantly feel the effects.


Blunts are next up, very similar to joints but they are actually rolls of special blunt wrap paper or conventional cigar wraps. They can contain tobacco apart from dried cannabis, and often look more professional and better-made (better-rolled) than joints.

Pipes, bongs, and vaporizers are all gadgets and contraptions that can be used to very effectively and cleanly consume cannabis. Different materials and devices can be used made from ceramic, wood, acrylic, glass, silicone, and so on. They have an obvious hole through which you inhale, and a compartment for the product. Pipes are small and easily mobile, while bongs and vaporizers usually stay in the room and feature people sitting around and smoking. For more information on vaporizers, make sure to visit, learn about their benefits, and perhaps even order one.

Lastly, there is vaping as an alternative form of smoking. It is quite modern nowadays because it started as a healthier solution compared to traditional smoking and inhaling. However, since it is practically the same as it involves the respiratory system, it is neither healthier nor worse than regular smoking. It is done with vape pens that contain cannabis oils, which burns and releases thick, white, aromatized smoke when exhaled.

2. Edible Products


Next up on the list of the most common cannabis consumption methods are edibles. This is basically food that is either made almost entirely out of cannabis products, or food that contains it in mere traces. In either way, it is more than capable of giving you all the benefits of the plant, again, depending on what it is and how much it contains.

Brownies are probably the most favorite and common edibles. People prepare it in different ways but it all comes down to mixing your favorite cannabis variety into the brownie batter. The same can be done with muffins, cookies, and any other similar dessert or dish that requires mixing a batter of numerous ingredients.

You can also use cannabis concentrate that binds rather well with oils and butter and use it in regular cooking. This will add its properties to any of the dishes you normally use cooking oil or regular butter. Another option is to consume cannabinoid crystals and cannabis ingestible oils in the form of spice or toppings in other food and drinks. They are best used in hot and cold drinks like tea, coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, and juices.

Speaking of coffee, cannabis coffee combines two of the most adored and common somewhat psychoactive substances in the world. Cannabis is there to relax and calm, while coffee gives an energy boost. Together, they will put you in a balanced mood and give you a focused yet calm and tranquil state of mind. If you are a lover of both, you will definitely enjoy this special combination.

Lastly, supplements with cannabis inside them exist as well and are a favorite choice for many people who simply want the nutrients and benefits without the hassle of traditional methods of consumption. There are pills you can make a part of your diet and take daily, as well as gels that can be consumed straight out of the package. If you love chewing hum, there are cannabis-infused chewing gum varieties with many different aromas. Differences in THC levels vary with these methods of course, as with everything else on the list. It has much more to do with the strain and quality of cannabis used than with either the process of making or other ingredients.

3. Topical and Cosmetics


It should be mentioned immediately that these products are the least potent out of all three main methods of consuming cannabis. Cosmetic products that contain cannabis mostly come in the form of oils, lotions, balms, creams, and lubes. All of them have the classic benefits for our skin and the rest of the body depending on the usage, except they also contain certain traces of cannabis and THC.

The cosmetic and beauty industries are constantly on the rise as both the manufacturers and customers try to find new ways of caring for the human body. Luckily for all, they realized that everyone’s favorite plant is a great source of inspiration.

This type of product is capable of treating you to soothing and softening skin. Furthermore, it has a calming and relaxing effect on the skin and will make you feel better in general. The largest organ of our body is an excellent absorbent and the skin absorbs all of the topical cannabis products quickly. If you generally like pampering yourself and having private home spa nights, make sure to try some of these. You will be surprised by how much they will change your beauty routine.