Since online gambling was not legal in New Zealand, it was very challenging to find a perfect site for that. Today, the situation is a lot better, and you can gamble online, but it is crucial to find the right online casino. The gambling industry is rising, and it is good news, but choosing the right casino is not that easy. So if you are looking for a good time, maybe you can check The next year is bringing many changes, and it is good to know what they are. If you are still following us, here is the list of ten changes that you can expect

1. Having a live dealer


From the beginning of online casinos, one thing has been a flaw. Human to human interactions have always been a part of gambling, but it was missing from the online experience. Communicating with a live dealer and having an interaction with other players was missing from your gambling journey. That is why casinos are trying to have a live dealer in their online casinos. Does it matter is your live dealer in an actual casino or maybe behind a green screen.

2. Expansion of mobile gambling

A major change that is already happening in front of our eyes is a shift to mobile gambling. Even today, most of the casinos have a mobile app version, but it is hard to imagine that soon every single one of them will not comply with this trend. Given that even in the gaming industry, mobile games are expanding and how mobile phones themself are becoming more advanced every year. It is easy to see how this transfer will continue to occur.

3. Themed games


Online casinos offer a variety of games, and since we all like pop culture references, we can not be surprised by the next trend. We all enjoy seeing some superhero or a character from a movie that inspires us. That is why so many new online casino games are themed games. So you can fully expect to have more deals between casinos and movie companies.  Having branded games is extremely popular, and we will be able to find something for every one of us. It doesn’t matter are you a Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Marvel fan, gambling with a themed game will be the future.

4. Use of cryptocurrency

The expansion of cryptocurrency has brought us new opportunities. Not only it gives us absolute anonymity, but it has other benefits as well. Your potential profits are safe from national authorities since they can not block or freeze a virtual currency. That is because virtual coins do not hold any fiat currency. Another advantage is being able to enjoy online casinos in countries even if they are banned there. As cryptocurrency does not use ACH or comparable way of raising money, that domestic officials could prevent you from using.

5. VR is the future


Using virtual reality in an online casino is a bit of a novelty, but it is a destiny to become much more common. While only a few casinos have it now, it is becoming increasingly popular. In some cases right now, VR casinos are like an MMO game, free to play, and you do not need real money. But that is, of course, changing. VR is making it possible for players to become completely absorbed in their activity. You will be able to walk around a 3D casino, communicate with other players, and have as much fun as if you were visiting a brick and mortar casino.

6. Gambling ID

One of the problems that exist and is troubling modern online gambler is verifying their accounts. That is especially true if you are not gambling in only one online casino, but few. Of course, your password and account name can not be identical everywhere, or to simple. So it can be a pain to remember all of them. Gambling ID is a solution to this conundrum. With ID, all of us can register at any online casino with little to no difficulty.

7. 5G network


We keep hearing about it, 5G is the next step in our digital evolution. That also means our connection to online casinos will be quicker and more stable.  Furthermore, your games will have the possibility to have better graphics and give you an even better experience. Many areas still don’t have 5G networks today, but in years to come, it will become the norm, just like 4G before it.

8. Skill-based games

Another new exciting thing that is happening is the increasing popularity of gambling games that require some skill. In a way, they are quite similar to video games. While it is maybe an idea they had to attract younger players, anyone can give them a try, since they are not that difficult to play. Luck will remain an integral part of these games as well, and when you integrate themed games with these that demand some skill, fun is guaranteed.

9. Esports betting


Online gambling is not the only industry that is growing. Esports is also expanding rapidly, so what happens when we combine these two. Well, we get something that might be a characteristic of online bets in the future. With how rapidly Esports is gaining popularity, it might just become as mainstream as regular sports. So it could be that betting on it will be as much a part of our lives.

10. The future is female

Maybe in the past, gambling was a men’s activity, but that has long not been the case. Some statistics show that over 40 % of people who enjoy online casinos are female, and casinos are starting to reflect that. Some online casinos are trying to market themself to women individually. And more games are made to suit them as well. So there is no doubt that we can expect this trend to continue.

We had a strenuous year in 2024. But one thing that will continue in the next year is a need for some social distancing. That means that we will have to find more fun online than before. Luckily, with changes that are coming to online casinos, that has never been so easy.