Technology has always been a major player in the adult entertainment industry, from the early days of videotapes and DVDs to the invention of live streaming and web-camming. Today, technology is continuing to shape the industry in fascinating ways.

Here are seven interesting ways that technology is impacting the adult entertainment industry.

1. It’s Getting Virtual

With the advent of virtual reality technology, adult entertainment is becoming even more immersive and realistic. And, it’s true, while VR content is on the rise, at the moment – it’s kind of dull. While it does seem like you’re in there doing the deed – you don’t have any control whatsoever. But, with the metaverses around the corner, it’s a matter of time before BBW live cams turn into BBW interactive shows.

2. Interactive Content Is Taking Over

Speaking of interactive, thanks to technology, adult entertainment is becoming more interactive and engaging than ever before. There are now numerous platforms where viewers can control the action, chat with performers, and even request specific content. This interactivity is giving fans a more personalised and intimate experience which is exactly what the consumers are looking for.


Whether it’s BBW cams or something entirely different, the freedom technology has provided us with has made adult content more interactive than ever.

3. Custom-Made Content Is On The Rise

With so much choice available online, viewers are increasingly demanding custom-made content that caters to their specific preferences and fetishes. Thanks to platforms like OnlyFans, it’s easier than ever for performers to create and sell this type of content directly to fans.

With the rise of the aforementioned platforms, performers are now able to build direct relationships with fans and bypass traditional studio structures altogether. This has led to a surge in the number of solo performers who are producing and selling their content online.

And, while this content isn’t free (it isn’t even cheap if we’re being perfectly honest) the business is booming. Girls (boys not as much) are making millions off of their brand just by selling custom-made content – whether it’s pics or videos.

4. It Is Becoming More Mainstream

As attitudes towards sex and sexuality continue to evolve, the adult entertainment industry is slowly but surely becoming more mainstream. This is thanks in part to the increasing popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which are now starting to feature more sexually explicit content.

5. It’s Game Time


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some fun with a hot chick with tentacle arms or wings? Well, with the way tech is nowadays – this is actually possible. Several games utilize VR/AR and allow you to create a personalized fantasy inside of a game engine. And, while you still can’t interact with others playing the same game – it’s only a matter of time before you do.


The adult entertainment industry is evolving and changing with the times, as technology plays an increasingly important role in shaping it. From the rise of virtual reality to the popularity of custom-made content, there are many interesting ways that technology is impacting this ever-growing industry. So, what does the future hold for the adult entertainment industry? Only time will tell!