Today’s age of new technologies requires our adaptation at almost all levels – so radio stations are no exception. With the increased interest of the audience for certain contents – today the appearance of internet radio stations is in increasing expansion. There are many of them all over the world – and some of them have positioned themselves as leaders in this part of the media industry. We present to you the 5 best internet radio stations that you can listen to while relaxing.

Are You Listening To The Radio?


Radio reaches more than 80% of households in major European countries but also in other parts of the world – and can be measured with television by the average listening time it imposes. Until 1982, there were only a few stations in Europe. However, from then until today – most countries have significantly increased the number of FM frequencies for broadcasting. We have cited Europe only as an example – because the radio is very popular everywhere in the world.

For Some People Everything – Something For Everyone

Radio as a medium has some implicit advantages – it serves the listeners to relax, but it is also a convenient means of providing information. You can turn it on anywhere, and listen while you engage in other activities. Also, it is no longer necessary to have a radio to listen to certain frequencies, because anyone who has a computer can watch the program online. Today, with the expansion of the Internet – there are more and more Internet radio stations that have flooded the world. Some are commercial, and some just use music as their core content. The fact is that you will be able to find something for everyone on the net.

What Is Internet Radio?


Although FM radio stations are still something we consume every day, they also had to change some things following new technologies – and improve their way of working. Therefore, more and more commercial radio stations have their internet portals through which music can be listened to. We also have the opportunity to find out about everything that interests us wherever we are in the world.

The Internet as a medium has greatly contributed to radio – helping it not lose its meaning. The fact is that more people are consuming radio just as an internet medium. The internet radio stations themselves are so well designed and so diverse – that there is something for everyone. From different genres of music to information that interests us. Depending on what you want – you can find different content and listen to your favorite music non-stop.

Benefits Of Internet Radio

Depending on the country to the country and the mentality of the people – the radio stations themselves are adapted to the area in which they are located. This is especially true for FM commercial stations because they are used for a variety of purposes, from providing important news related to your city or town – to the music itself that is tailored to the local audience.

Internet radio does not have this problem and its limitations because you can listen to it wherever you are – and you are not limited to listening to what you do not want. On the contrary, you can choose what interests you and indulge yourself. The advantage of internet radio goes in step with the development of new technologies – so now you can enjoy your favorite music from any smartphone or computer.

How To Choose An Internet Radio Station?


We don’t need to be scientists for something like this. Each of us has a special taste when it comes to music or information we want to consume. Depending on whether we just want to relax and indulge in good music or we want to be informed about important events – we perform according to our wishes.

However, sometimes we can inquire about what others are listening to and take advice and listen to some of the many internet radio stations. Of course, you can always change it if something doesn’t suit you – and you can switch to something else. We will give you some of the ideas when it comes to internet radio stations. Some of our suggestions will tickle your imagination with their music and program – so you decide if they suit you or not. These are the 5 best internet radio stations of our choice to listen while relaxing.

1. Chillout Radio


For all those who truly want to relax with music and do not like to be burdened by everyday stress, this will be a perfect choice. Switch off by switching on – but at a frequency that suits your sensibility. The variety of music on Chillout Radio is packed so well in their playlists – that it will be able to attract every listener, at any time of day or night. This is a great example of an internet radio station that knows what it does and how to keep you with it as much as possible with good music.

2. Nostalgie Radio


This is one of the oldest internet radio stations. The beginning of their work is related to France – and then through the franchise, it spread all over Europe. Finally, with the emergence of the Internet, it has earned, gained, and retained its high place – in terms of popularity with the audience. Unlike other radio stations, Nostalgie differs because it doesn’t change its work policy for years. Music blocks are divided by genres, but also by the years when the songs were created. There are also a lot of thematic blocks. For example, movie soundtracks, love songs, etc. Therefore, Nostalgie radio is always a good choice and pleasant to listen to.

3. Amazing Smooth And Jazz


Very well designed internet radio station with good music – but also facts about the origin of jazz throughout history. It may be working thematically but we should pay attention to it because it is not only classical jazz on the menu – but there are a lot of phenomenal transformations of songs that are fantastically produced.

4. 977 Today’s Hits


This radio station offers you a handful of hits in collaboration with famous DJs – but it also organizes various online parties with the radio’s followers, where various mixes are played. So not only famous faces but also the listeners themselves. Maybe you would like to try your luck?

5. 100hitz Hot Hitz


Of course, we can’t skip a radio station where you can listen to the biggest hits and nothing but hits. The music is divided according to the years of the song’s release, but also according to the genre of music. You can listen to this radio at any time of the day or night and the hits just splash – so this station is especially popular in cafes but also at various night parties because the music is often played in the mix.

It is up to you to choose and maybe you are attracted to something else when it comes to music. In any case, these are our top 5 for you with which you can relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself.