The latest statistic shows that there are almost 2 million arrests per year because of people driving while intoxicated. It is said that one in about 100 drivers you see on the road is drunk driving, but the reality is, no one is planning to do it, and no one gets behind the wheel after drinking because they wanted to do it. Everyone who has a license will get behind the wheel with some level of alcohol in their bloodstream, at least once in their life, and what happens after is a combination of luck and skills. If you were ever caught DWI, you know that it is a scary and long process. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of hiring a DWI lawyer, and how they can help you finish the whole process faster, and get the smaller sentence possible.

1. Save money


Many people make the mistake of thinking that they could save money if they choose to go without a legal advisor when it comes to DWI and DUI cases. In reality, you may save some money at the beginning of the process, but when it comes to the sentences, and the things that you are risking, you will see that you will actually spend more.

The money you will have to pay to the other parties involved, or the time you may have to spend incarcerated will cost you thousands of dollars in the long run, so by paying a lawyer to help you out, you will be saving money. Think about these things before you decide to try and handle your case on your own.

2. Understand the system

The judicial system is not something most people can understand, and attorneys and legal practitioners spend years learning more about it. Just because you googled something and spent 15 minutes researching does not mean that you know as much as a legal advisor. You should never underestimate their skills, knowledge, and abilities, and you should never try to figure things out on your own.

A good practitioner will help you understand everything that’s going on with the system, the whole process of your hearing, settlement, and possible trial, and they will help you with each step of the way.

3. Understand your rights


Another thing that you need to understand is your rights. We know some of the basic rights we have, but we don’t have a deeper understanding of the things that we are allowed, or not allowed to do. According to, an experienced Rockland County DWI lawyer will tell you that even though you are allowed to refuse the alcohol blood test, you should not do it. By refusing the test you could get users in much deeper problems, and losing your license for at least a year is the smallest one of them.

Know that at that moment, you will need someone in your corner and someone who will give you the proper advice on what you should and should do. Having an experienced legal advisor can help you do and say the right things, so you can protect yourself right from the start.

4. Get a lesser sentence

A reputable legal advisor can help you out in getting a smaller or a shorter sentence. These people know that no one plans on drinking and driving, and when that happens, it is not something that you planned on doing.

No one wants to put their lives at risk, and no one wants to be responsible for the injuries of others. Your attorney will help you prove your innocence, and they will help you get a lesser sentence depending on your specific case, as well as the current laws, regulations, and standards.

5. Dismiss your case


Your attorney can also help you get your case dismissed. This is not possible at all times, and it all depends on the alcohol level in your bloodstream, as well as the specific situation. However, there are times where they will be able to get your case ruled out, or they can just help you pay the fine without facing jail time.

According to the latest laws, when it comes to the United States, the smallest fine you can pay is about 400 dollars, and in the most severe cases, you risk paying up to 5000 dollars to the court, covering all the expenses of the other parties involved, and you also risk spending up to 3 years in prison.

A good legal advisor can help you get the smallest possible sentence, but also to dismiss your case if that is an option.

6. Get your license back

When we get arrested for driving while intoxicated, chances are, our license will be taken. The time frame of this depends on many things, but mostly on your behavior, if you were involved in an accident, and on the alcohol level.

An experienced attorney will help you get your license back as soon as possible, and in some cases, they can even help you right from the start and prevent your documents from being taken away from you.

7. Remove the sentence off your record


The last benefit we are going to talk about is having a clean record. We all know how hard it is to find a job, rent a place, or do other things when there is a spot on your record, and no one wants to lower their chances of a better life just because they made one mistake in their lives.

A reputable attorney will help you get your record cleared, and they will give you advice on how to remove the sentence. They will help you find the easiest and best way to do it, depending on your location and the current laws.

These are some of the benefits of having an experienced legal advisor in your corner. Make sure you get acquainted with your rights even before something bad happens. Choose the attorney depending on their experience, knowledge, and cases. Always listen to them, and never try to do anything on your own before consulting with them.