It’s not a secret that the cleanliness of the workplace or the office isn’t a top priority for many business owners or entrepreneurs. With so much on their mind, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where this comes up as something to be dealt with. However, maintaining a clean, healthy workplace is one of the most essential things – whether it may seem so or not. Every successful business is a clean business. You can be certain that there are no dirty surfaces or food leftovers lying around Facebook or Google headquarters.

If you’re still not sold on this idea, let us prove it to you. In the next few minutes, we’re going to show you why having a clean workspace is something every business owner should aspire to.

1. It’s A Reflection Of Yourself


We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that you’re not living in a dirty environment. No matter how busy you are, your sink isn’t overflowing with dirty, mouldy dishes, right? There are no hairs in the shower drain or on the soap, your curtains aren’t smelly, your floor isn’t covered in crumbs and so on. Also, you’re not wearing dirty clothes or muddy shoes to work or anywhere else for that matter, right? No one who cares about themselves wouldn’t allow for any of those things. Why? Because it represents who you are and what you stand for. The same thing applies to your business. It shows who you are. It is a reflection of you and everything you stand for. That’s why you have to keep it clean.

2. First Impressions Are Important

Many believe that we form our first impressions in about 7 seconds. That’s not a lot of time. If you don’t come out shining, it’s hard to shake off that bad first impression. And businesses really depend on first impressions. There are no second chances or they are really rare. If it doesn’t turn out right the first time, it’s on to the next one.

Walking into a clean workspace instantly instils trust and confidence in a business. It’s necessary to make your customers feel like that. They have to trust you, your products and your abilities. Messy desks, glass conference tables covered in fingerprints and overflowing trashcans don’t really do that. If a customer sees that you can’t take care of your office, how do you think they’ll feel about what you can do for them?

3. Hire A Professional Service


First and foremost, don’t task your employees with cleaning. Sure, they’re supposed to clean up after themselves, that’s a given, but having them in charge with cleaning everything is counterproductive and bad for morale. For example, let’s say you own a bar. You’ve had a stellar night, loads of people came and went and it’s 4 am. Do you really believe that the bartenders and waiters are going to care about sweeping or cleaning toilets? No, of course, they’re not going to. They’ll do a mediocre job and the bar will look sub-par at best tomorrow night.

Instead of making your employees do all the work, invest in a professional cleaning crew. If you want to be known as the Clean Boss, then you know what you have to do – look for a commercial cleaning service and you might just find a great one in Rotorua.

4. Take Your Brand To The Next Level

You absolutely have to keep a tidy, clean work environment if you want to come across as someone that can deliver quality products or services. Your brand depends on it. You have to associate your brand with professionalism and excellent service and you can’t do that if you’re working in a pigsty.

It doesn’t matter what you do. You could be running a restaurant or a designing agency, either way – it has to be clean and healthy. Customers will judge you based on anything they feel like. You could have the best service and products on the whole planet – a customer could be thrown off by a messy environment before you even get the chance to prove how good you actually are.

5. Better Morale In The Office


If your employees are even a little bit like you, they probably consider their workspace as a second home. How, as we’ve mentioned beforehand, you usually keep your home clean and tidy. So, by making sure that everything in the office is well-maintained and clean – you keep everyone productive, efficient and happy.

Most of us spend 8 hours a day working, so, comfort is one of the things we seek. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people that are comfortable in dirty environments.

On top of all that, your employees are also a reflection of you, your brand and your business. If everyone follows some basic rules and contributes in their own way, then everyone should be happy and eager to work and it all starts with a healthy work environment.

6. Less Sick Days

Take a look at this, if you’re working in a dirty office, you’re sharing the space with lots of microbes or bacteria and that means, sooner rather than later, you’re in your doctor’s office and you’re out of commission for a week, perhaps even longer. It is said that you touch your face about 20 times an hour – that’s 160 times while you’re at work. If the toilet or the kitchen isn’t as clean as it should be – that’s 160 opportunities for those nasty bacteria to ruin your day or a week.

7. Improved Air Quality


Another ‘fun’ fact – the number of pollutants in the air is 100 times greater inside compared to the outside. I don’t think we have to go into detail for everyone to see how things can spiral out of control unless everything’s clean. Even if everything’s clean, you could improve the air quality in the workspace by installing air filters and purifiers. That’s a great step towards a healthier workspace.

As you can see, maintaining cleanliness is more than just about being tidy when the guests show up. It also affects the health, mood, performance and happiness of everyone involved. Let’s keep it clean for everyone’s well-being.