Times are challenging during a global pandemic, and in a world where money is such an important resource, being left without a job can be one of the worst and scariest things to face. Since one of the most popular and efficient ways to get your hands on money in such times is by applying for mortgage, a lot of people did exactly that without thinking twice. But, sometimes not everything goes according to your plan. As I mentioned above, being left without a job due to the global crisis is not a rare case these days.

When someone is left without a job and they already have a loan they need to pay on a monthly basis, chances are sooner or later that person will run out of their savings and face a foreclosure.

A foreclosure is probably one of the scariest things that you can face nowadays because the risk of being left without a roof over your head is pretty high in such a scenario. Thankfully, we have real-estate foreclosure lawyers that can represent us during such an unwanted situation and provide us with options. Here’s everything that you should know on this topic.

Why it’s so important to hire an attorney during a foreclosure scenario


An average person is not really familiar with the law and in such a tight situation, panic is the most likely outcome. While in the state of panic you are unable to make any important or smart decisions. However, an attorney is someone who dedicated their entire life learning how to “bend the law” in their client’s favor, so this is obvious enough already. Hiring an attorney whenever you have any conflict in the law area should be the first thing a person does.

An attorney can provide you with options, ones that you didn’t even know existed. They are able to calm the entire situation down and hopefully prevent you from losing the roof over your head, or at least delay it for as much as they can.

It’s easy to make the wrong decision in such a difficult situation but an attorney can guide you and tell you what are some of the pros and cons of each option. Your attorney can negotiate with the bank’s attorney and potentially help you save your home. A loan modification is also an option but you’ll be unable to get it without a good lawyer.

In case you want to see a real-life example and get an accurate representation of what exactly foreclosure lawyers do, Friscia-Law is a website where you can learn more.

How much do I need to pay for the professional service of a foreclosure lawyer?


Most real-estate foreclosure attorneys charge a flat price, and you have to pay it before the consulting sessions and the actual representation begins. Unlike real-estate agents that may agree to be compensated based on a percentage of the final price when the case is closed, a foreclosure attorney, well, at least 90% of them, charge upfront.

The price is somewhere between $1500 and $5000, but this will mostly depend on the complexity of the case. Although it’s a rare scenario, sometimes these attorneys agree to get paid through an hourly contract. If the case is really complex and it requires many consulting sessions, it’s better to pay a flat sum of money. Some attorneys charge $200 per hour, so use this useful information do to your own math and figure out which method is less expensive for you.

If you manage to find an attorney that charges on a monthly rate, that’s a good option as well since you will be able to accumulate at least some budget until the end of the month. It gives you more room to breathe compare to hourly or flat upfront based payments.

What if I don’t have the money to pay upfront?


This is also a possible case and we cannot say it is easy being in such a situation, but luckily for you, there are still at least a few options you can try. These are some of them:

  • Paying for only one session with an attorney, to get at least some basic tips
  • Heading to a local free legal aid society clinic that specializes foreclosure cases
  • Finding an attorney that’s willing to work for free (usually a friend) or making a deal that you’ll pay for the service afterwards

Obviously, your options are limited when out of budget but something is better than nothing, and anything is better than being left without a roof over your head. Try these since you have nothing to lose. You may be able to find help where you least expect it.

Do your research and avoid paying for unnecessary fees


According to the information we have, when the financial crisis occurred, a lot of law companies and attorneys found it really difficult to get clients. So, they had to do something to mitigate their losses. It seems to us that this was the period when unreasonable foreclosure defense fees started occurring, but this is just something that is used against people in a tight situation in order to squeeze more money out of them. Don’t be the victim of these fees and try to do your research as well as some comparison on whether you are being charged more than what others charge.

Every person can easily file a Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act but these people looking to charge you for it will take your money for no reason, and they probably won’t even do anything about your situation, let alone saving your home.


If you’ve recently lost your job and you’re now suffering from an economic crisis, potentially a foreclosure event, hiring a real-estate foreclosure lawyer is the first thing you should consider doing. There are many options available but an attorney can point out the best one depending on your situation.