Finding and hiring a personal injury lawyer might seem like a daunting task. You don’t want to hire just any lawyer, no matter whether you simply leverage their professional guidance toward the best way to settle your case or you retain the attorney to completely represent your claim of personal injury.

The lawyer you choose can mean the difference between getting the recovery you deserve or not getting compensated at all.  Considering these facts, knowing where to find a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey could save you time, money, and headaches while you are at it.

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With so many platforms offering legal services, you might end up confused about where to begin your search.  How will you know if the lawyer you choose is even qualified for the job? We decided to save you the headache and discuss how and where you can find an experienced personal injury lawyer in New Jersey in this quick guide.

Ask for Referrals from Friends and Acquaintances


Sometimes the easiest place to find a qualified injury lawyer is from friends and acquaintances. Personal injury cases are common, and, likely, your friend, family member, or even their close friends have used the services of a lawyer for their injury case.

If your friend or acquaintance has positive experiences with a particular individual, you can ask for their contacts and prioritize them for a consultation.

However, it is not advisable to rely on recommendations from friends and acquaintances solely. People might have different experiences with a lawyer’s personality and representation style, which might not apply to you.

It is necessary to meet the lawyer, discuss your case, and decide if you will be comfortable working with them before making up your mind.

Research Injury Lawyers NJ Online

Another platform where you can find experienced personal injury lawyers is on the internet. Searching for a personal injury lawyer in NJ on the internet will provide you with numerous options to choose from. An online search will provide you with access to services ranging from law firms to freelance attorneys.

Be sure you are searching for personal injury lawyers as attorneys specialized in other fields might not be of much help to you.

However, it is necessary to check each lawyer’s reputation, whether they are licensed, and if they are in good standing by conducting a simple background check.

You can conduct a lawyer’s background status by checking the state’s local bar association’s online database.

Every state in the United States, including New Jersey, has its own local bar association, on which lawyers are registered in the bar’s database. Here you can check if they have had any disciplinary measures in the past or if they have been sanctioned for unethical conduct.

Consult Lawyers You Already Know


If you are lucky enough to know a lawyer personally or they have represented you before in some legal matter, you might consider asking them for recommendations. Maybe this lawyer might be good in personal injury cases, or they might know another lawyer they can recommend you.

However, it is not recommendable to ask that lawyer to represent you in your personal injury case if they have no experience with such cases. Regardless of your positive experiences in the past, that lawyer is not fit to handle your case.

The best option here is that they refer you to another attorney who has experience handling personal injury cases.

Conduct Research on Lawyer Directories

There are numerous directories dedicated to the sole purpose of legal service advertising. These directories contain lawyer profiles, their specialization, and customer reviews.

One of the best things about directories is that you can access a lawyer’s experience and customer satisfaction level based on their reviews and peer ratings.

It is no doubt that you will find experienced personal injury lawyers in New Jersey in these directories.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Lawyer


After knowing where you can find a personal injury lawyer in NJ, it is essential to consider if they are right for you. Most lawyers do not charge any fees for an initial consultation, so this could be the right time to screen them and consider their suitability for your case.

Ask about their Experience

Before making up your mind on using the services of your selected lawyer, ask them about their experience with personal injury claims. Some of the questions you can ask to get a glimpse of their experience might be:

  • How long they have been in practice
  • The percentage of cases in the lawyer’s practice that involves personal injury claims
  • If the lawyer usually represents claimants or defendants.

A personal injury lawyer who represents defendants means they side with insurance companies and businesses against claimants. If you are a claimant looking for a lawyer, you should avoid such lawyers since they have no much experience defending claimants.

Assess Their Reputation through Client Reviews


In today’s world, the internet has allowed people to leave reviews about their experiences with specific services and products. Legal services are not left out on this as you can assess customer sentiments on review websites and directories.

A simple online search on review sites like Yelp, Google Business, Yellow-pages, and others will provide insight on how you selected lawyer serves their clients. There’s no better way to predict the professional outcomes you’re about to work with besides hearing what previous clients have to say.

Ask about the Personal Injury Lawyer’s Success Rate

One of the reasons you’re seeking to hire a lawyer is to increase your claim’s winning success rate. A lawyer’s success rate in personal injury claims is an important metric to judge their suitability to handle your case.

The number of cases or the amounts they’ve recovered will tell you so much of what to expect. You can’t expect to win your case with a lawyer who barely won a case for their past clients.

A high winning rate means that the attorney is an expert, and they are more likely to frame your case so that you get what you deserve.