What Do You Need to Raise Backyard Chickens

Have you planned for backyard chickens raising? I like so, then you need to some things for chickens to live in the backyard. Don’t know what you need to raise backyard chickens? Keep continuing your reading of this section to find the accessories on which you need to invest some money to start raising your own chickens.

In this section, we’re going to know the things required for both baby and adult chickens to raise and protect it from dangerous.

What do you need to raise backyard chickens?

First of all, you need to take a decision on buying small chickens do you need to raise backyard chickensor chickens already laying eggs. This is because accessories for living vary from baby chickens to adult chickens. At the same time, you can able to build your own chicken coops or can buy a pre-built one. In this case, pre-build chicken shelters are divided into 2 categories based on the age of the chickens.

Shelter for less or 2 months old chickens:

When it comes to the newborn baby chickens, it takes only less space to live but needs more space to run and get fresh air. In this case, you need to buy a big sized shelter that is big in length, but not in height.

Shelter for teenage or older chickens:

If you have planned to buy teenage chickens, then you need to look somewhat big shelter in both length and height, because chickens may grow in size so needs more space.

Running space:

As I said before, the younger chicken needs more space to get fresh air and also for forage, so it is best to choose 4×8 coop for 3 Running spacehens.

Elevated roost:

It is always best to keep the chickens on the elevated and enclosed roosting area to give better protection. It is because so many birds should take the baby chicken and fly. In this case, it is a waste of money, if you missed your chickens. Therefore, you need to ensure that your chicken is in the closed roost, but also in the highly ventilated area.


During the summer or rainy season, your chickens highly suffer from over sunlight or rain. So, it is very important to buy a roof to cover the shelter on the top.

Nesting boxes:

When you buy chicken coops, you will also get nesting boxes, because nesting boxes are very crucial for laying eggs and protects to born new baby chickens.

Mobile coops:

There are so many coops available in these days market such as stationary coops, mobile coops and like more. But, compared with all other types, it is best to buy a mobile coop, because it allows moving from one place to another based on the weather condition. For example, you can keep the coop under trees during the summer season.

That’s all!! This is a list of things that you need for backyard chicken raising apart from the foods. Along with these things, you also need to buy good food for chickens.