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Why is calculus viewed as one of the toughest topics? It is time to think of the teaching approach taken and change it to save a lot of students. It will help the students to perform better in class and also pursue courses as well as careers that involve calculus. Here are a few reasons why the world should rethink how calculus is taught.

1. Calculus Is Not Difficult

A math enthusiast will tell you that calculus is the easiest topics at any level. It begins at a basic level, meaning that the student is not required to understand other mundane topics. The basic elements are also very practical, making it easier to relate to the ideas being taught.

It is upon the teacher to make the topic easier for the student to understand. Luckily, the formulas do not change. Most students only get lost or find the topic to be difficult because the teacher could have instilled such a perception.

There are numerous methods of teaching that would make it easier for people to understand. For instance, if students cannot understand the long narrative on the board, a teacher can opt to use a video. It accommodates the learning methods of other students in the class. The approach will improve the general performance of the entire class. Students who thought the topic was difficult will change their perception.


2. Calculus Is The Course Of The Future

Basic math signs like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are easy to learn because you can apply them in real life. Calculus is different because it appears to have no practical application, almost giving an option to students not to pass. A look at some of the fields in life and how they are using calculus could help you appreciate why it is important in your daily life.

  1. Geography- a practical application is google map that helps you to go or see anywhere you wish around the world
  2. Computer vision- the anonymous self-driving cars that are about to fill the world are powered by calculus
  3. Artificial intelligence- this is the technology of the future, helping machines to learn and slowly eliminate the need for excessive human intervention
  4. Robotics- software used in robotics relies heavily on calculus
  5. Computer games- the actions you see on computer games is achieved using calculus

Many other industries are relying on calculus. Unless teachers and institutions take a different approach, professionals in these and many other industries will miss out. Other futuristic industries relying on calculus include network visualization, movies, and photography. If the future is built on calculus, it is time the topic was made easier for students to understand and apply.


3. The Teacher Should Be The First To Learn

The effectiveness of a learning process is not just about the learner. The teacher and teaching processes must also play a part in the mastery of content. Teachers must first love calculus, understand it, and believe that it is important for the future. Such understanding will change their approach to teaching.

The teacher should learn to simplify the topic instead of making it appear like a walk through a field filled with landmines. The methodologies used during teaching and examples given should also make it easier to understand. Education experts affirm that students will only understand as much as their teacher. If the teachers take the initiative to master and love calculus, it will be easier for their students.

4. The Topic Is Costing Students Their Dream Careers

Calculus is one topic among many but the small portion it occupies in an academic journey could mean the difference between pursuing your dream career and ending up in an office you cannot recognize. The feeling that the topic is difficult is causing many people to abandon careers they are passionate about and end up feeling lost in other careers.

The only way to stop this trend is to make calculus interesting and practical for students pursuing different professions. If the workforce of the future is made up of people who are not passionate about their profession, productivity will be heavily dented.


5. It Counts As Part Of Your Overall Grade

A student might not pursue math out of passion but wants a good grade at the end of the course. If the student gets an E in calculus, the good grade will be elusive, leading to total failure. One percentage point could mean the difference between getting admission or a scholarship for college. One topic or subject causes a student to miss an opportunity that would have changed his or her life.

Teachers must take responsibility and correct the situation. The teachers are tasked with preparing students for their future professions. That overall grade will only be achieved if the student performs well in the smaller units.

6. To Change The Perception Of Math

A lot of attention is on calculus but the real culprit is the entire math subject. Students avoid the subject and other related areas because of these calculations. If each topic was made easier, the overall effect would be growing love for mathematics. It changes the perception of some of the most important disciplines in the world today.


7. To Avoid Wasting Student Time In Class

Poor performance and failure to understand a topic must be viewed as time wasted. The student would have spent time on a topic that he or she loves. It would have made a difference in his or her career. Since most of the students want to learn and are enthusiastic about good performance, the teaching methods adapted must help them to achieve this goal.

Poor performance cannot be blamed on the student all the time. It is time the education system evaluated the teaching methods used and the teachers responsible for calculus. It will change performance in calculus for good.