A lot of people are dreaming of spending a vacation in a place where they will enjoy privacy, away from the crowded beaches, full hotels, and other annoying things. The best way to have such privacy is to rent a private island. On the other hand, many people won’t even consider that idea because they think how renting a luxurious island would require a fortune. However, you have to know that there are many places around the world where you can find an affordable solution and spend your vacation in complete isolation. Also, there are some more expensive options, like renting a private island in the Caribbean, where you will need to spend at least $6,000 per day. You can visit to find out the full selection of available islands. Nevertheless, there are some much cheaper destinations, and we are going to present them in the following article.

North Twin Lake


One of the cheapest solutions is to rent an island on the North Twin Lake in Maine, which is especially popular among people who prefer nature and the landscapes of northern America. This place is very popular among hikers and renting a separate area with a nice house will save you from crowds and provide you with a much better experience. Also, this lake is perfect for people who love fishing.  The average price is around $150 per day. There is also an even more luxurious place in Maine, Saint George, where you can choose between Barter island and McGee. The biggest advantage is for people who are interested to visit these places with their friends and families since there are over 10 apartments available. You will have to spend around $6,000 for a 10-day vacation.

Lake Winnipesaukee

The great thing about Lake Winnipesaukee is that there are many islands available for rent and a great selection of houses. Also, you can choose between small cottages and bigger homes for over ten people. One of the best features related to available apartments is that they have all of the modern appliances, internet connection, and more. If you are interested in a house with three bedrooms, the starting price for a day is $450.

East Sister Rock Island


While islands on lakes in the countryside are affordable in most cases, most people prefer to spend their vacation on the sea. However, renting a place where you can have privacy is not affordable for most people. On the other side, there are some islands that you can pay without the need to get a huge loan, like East Sister Rock Island. The benefit of this place in the Florida Keys is that you can get there with only a few minutes of driving with a boat. Also, the starting price is under $1,400 per night.

Pink Pearl Island

For those people who prefer exotic places far away from civilization, you should check out Pink Pearl Island in Nicaragua. This is one of the coral islands, and the main advantages are the beautiful landscape of the open sea along with the white sand where you can enjoy sunbathing throughout the whole day. Moreover, this destination is perfect for people interested in organizing a vacation with their friends, since there is enough space for twelve people. The price is much cheaper than other similar options, with only $500 per day.

Malvanua Island


Another very cheap destination is Vanuatu. You can feel like you are on the desert island if you visit Malvanua Island. The house available might seem simple on the outside, but there are all of the necessary amenities that will provide you with comfort during your vacation. Also, you can choose from many activities like scuba diving, fishing, and more. The small house for four people costs less than $200 per night.

Little Harvest Caye

This spot is one of the most attractive on this list. Belize is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. If you choose to rent a more anonymous option, like a house in Little Harvest Caye, you will get a house with full service, a chef, an available boat with the driver, and more. There is enough space for 14 people, while the price is under $20,000 for a 10-day holiday.

Private Heaven


The Caribbean is one of the most popular places for vacation, with many countries, amazing islands, beautiful sea, and the ability to enjoy various activities. While most of the private resorts are quite expensive, there is also a possibility to find a cheaper option as well. The Private Heaven is a small island with a house with all of the required amenities. There are three bedrooms, and you will have to pay only around $350 per night.

Melody Key

If you are looking for increased luxury but at a more affordable price, check out Melody Key. This is the largest private resort in the Florida Keys. With the modern design and all of the necessary appliances, internet, a rooftop deck, and many more, this place is perfect for a group of people who are interested in creating some small private gatherings without any chances to get interrupted. The maximum capacity of this villa is eight people, and for a two-week vacation, each person will have to spend around $2,500.

Royal Belize


The starting price of over $5,000 for a night here might sound too expensive, but there is enough space for 18 people, which means that the expenses of each guest will be $300 for each day. There are three houses available on this island. Also, you will have a full service with a chef, manager, porter, and more. The island is beautiful, with one side full of greenery and trees that surround the houses, and a large beach on the other side, with white sand and amazing view.

Last Words

As you can see, even some more exotic destinations can offer you the ability to enjoy yourself in luxury and privacy. If you prefer lakes and the countryside, you shouldn’t worry about your budget since there are many affordable options. On the other hand, there are many islands in attractive areas like the Caribbean, Florida, and many other places that you can afford as well for a reasonable price.