How to Lose Weight Faster throughout Exercises at Home

Didn’t have a membership at the gym? But, wants to lose weight through exercises? Don’t worry; there is an option for you to achieve your goal very easily. I’m writing this article “how to lose weight faster using exercise at home” for people like you.

There are so many exercises exist in the world to make your body fit and assist you to shed overweight. At the same time, some of those exercises don’t require equipment to practices it. Therefore, make use of those exercises to get a healthier body while losing your extra calories.

How to lose weight faster throughout exercises at home?

Not only you, have many people looking for how to lose weight faster by doing workouts. Moreover, many people have no time to lose weight faster throughout exercises at homego for the gym and to practice exercise and even for taking care of them, so that they suffer obesity very quickly.

But, hereafter allocate at least an hour to do workouts and you no need to go to the gym. Spend that time in your home and choose a few exercises that don’t involve equipment. Finally, there is no need to pay for registration at anyone gym, save money for up and down to go for the gym on a daily basis and you can practice workouts whenever you want or getting time.

By choosing a weight loss program without equipment based workouts, you can gain the above-mentioned benefits including losing weight. Below I disclose few equipment-free workouts for you to do at your home to get attractive physique.


Walking is one of the basic but best exercises for losing weight. It doesn’t require any gym equipment but, ask you to wear a pair of shoes to walk comfortably. Depending on how much you walk per day and your body weight, you can burn up to 5 to 8 calories per minute.

Walking is a kind of cardio exercise and it is must to take a short break between every 5 to minutes of walking.


Having a pool in your home? Then are you swimming every day? If no, then hereafter make use of your swimming pool to lose weight. Various types of swimming are avails nowadays and all kinds of swimming help you to burn some amount of extra calories.

Swimming is more effective exercises to tone your body and to shed weight. Doing 1 hours of swimming assist you to lose up to 500 to 700 calories.


Bicycling is of two types indoor and outdoor. For indoor cycling, you need equipment and on another side, it is better to do outdoor bicycling for losing more calories. It enhances your metabolism rate and burns about 300 to 1000 calories for an hour based on your effective practice and weight.



Running is another kind of cardio exercises and more effective than walking. If you love to run, then don’t restrict your body, run as you can. Wear good quality shoes to protect your legs, run fast and burn about 600 calories per hour.