You will notice that when you hurt your leg in any sort of way, it disrupts your whole living dynamic and you can function properly as well. This happens because your feet are the base of your body, they hold your weight and are involved in any movement that includes walking, standing, or running. In some situations, they can be painful even when you are not using them, caused by factors that were chronically destroying your feet.

Before you look at the at-home cures for your problem, you have to know what is the reason for this pain. When you understand what caused that, you should always try to find a way to relieve yourself from that suffering.

There is no point in keeping the pain for yourself and suffer from it while being afraid or too proud to look for a solution and confess that you are hurting. In this article we will talk about foot pain, what is the cause for that, how can you cure it and relieve yourself especially at home.



It is really important to understand what was the origin of that pain. If you have hit your leg somewhere or stubbed your toes, you know that is from mechanical trauma that caused that problem so you will know what type of remedy to find. If you were wearing bad shoes that were hurting you or were just uncomfortable, that can be a reason as well. Another reason that is really important to note is the fractures that can happen because of many reasons.

The injury has differentiations depending on the tissue that you have hurt. Depending on whether you have hurt your bone, or the soft tissue that surrounds it, the pain is different while doing different movements. Another reason is chronic diseases that target the joints so you will not be able to move your lower extremities efficiently.

What are the signs of these injuries?


The signs can vary but there are still connected to the injury. With every injury come different signs and that is really important to know. Depending on what happened, you will be able to find treatment because without signs you will not know what is going on. The type of symptoms comes depending on the tissue that is being destroyed. For example, if you break your bone, the first sign that will happen is immediate pain.

The intensity will defer whether you have slightly broken the extremity or it is a horrible injury with multiple fractures, also, it is depending on the tolerance that each person has.
Another sign that you should be aware of is swelling. When you injure your joints, for example, you will see how that place swells up.

There can be other situations where your leg swells up, but if it is combined with pain or restricted movement, surely it is caused by something that is related to the leg or feet. If you happen to have a restricted movement and feeling like something is rubbing inside the joint, that is a sign of joint damage.

Instead of being quiet about these signs, it is better to look for a solution, because if you treat them as soon as they show, it will be easier and quicker. Nobody deserves to suffer, especially when there is a treatment that is pretty easy and accessible.

How to treat your foot pain at home


There are many things that you can do in your home that can relieve your pain. However, if the pain is unbearable, the best thing to do is to visit your doctor. That can’t be treated at home because we firstly lack knowledge, secondly, even if we know what is the cause, we might do additional damage. Before we do anything about it, we have to know what was the purpose of the injury.

When we know that, we can start the treatment because otherwise, we might hurt ourselves even more. For example, if you move your feet when you have a fracture, it will really hurt, but you can also misalign the segments and you can make another problem.

Depending on what happened, you can start treating that. If you are just in pain, and you are not allergic, you can get PodiVite that will help you with that only if your doctor has previously prescribed them to you. As we have seen from the previous paragraph, there can be other causes, like swelling and movement restrictions.

If you have swelling on your feet, the first thing that you will remember to do is to put something cold on it, like ice or something frozen from your fridge. Also, you can raise your legs up on a pillow, and that will reduce it. Other than that, you can try to slightly massage it, normally if you have not broken your feet.

If you have joint restrictions, do not try to move it by force because you can do further damage. Instead, go to the hospital and let them sort that out. Another thing that you can apply are products like creams that are tested that they reduce pain, swelling and they improve the general condition that is happening.

Other than creams, you can find supplements like PodiVite that will help you with the same things but are easier to use. PodiVite being one of those supplements which were created by a pharmacist named Devan Patel with a collaboration with an industry-leading podiatrist to reduce inflammation naturally.

Other than reducing inflammation, they reduce pain and they make your feet stronger for your upcoming active lifestyle activities.

Furthermore, they can boost your general health because they have a mix of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for us.
If nothing works, you should definitely visit the hospital because these are injuries that have to be solved quickly if you want to get back to your regular lifestyle as soon as possible.

Avoiding these things from happening


Instead of finding solutions when these things happen, you should do an effort to prevent them from happening. The first thing and the easiest one that you can do is to wear good quality footwear for great comfort and stability.

Exercising enough is another thing that you should include in your lifestyle to make your bones and the surrounding soft tissue stronger. After a workout and also before one, make sure that you stretch efficiently. Preventing these things from happening, will make you ready for your next adventures, and most importantly will spare you from suffering.