Cleaning your cat’s litter box can be a time-consuming, dirty, and downright tedious task. So for us cat owners, it’s only natural that we’d tire of the manual scooping and look for an alternative method to save us both time and effort.

Thankfully, automatic litter boxes seem to be the modern remedy to the dilemma. You’ve likely heard about these high-tech cat gadgets before, but perhaps you’re not too sure of how an automatic litter box works and how it can benefit both you and your fur baby?

Let’s explore these innovative products a little further and discuss some of the most popular and efficient automatic litter boxes on the market today!

Varying Systems


Every automatic litter box serves the same purpose by removing your cat’s waste after every use and then cleaning through the litter bed to leave a fresh batch of litter for the next bathroom trip.

Most of these units tend to operate by separating the clumped particles from the clean litter (just like you would if you were scooping manually) and then moving it into a separate compartment to trap in dust and odors.

However, not all automatic litter boxes are created equal in terms of functionality. Some come equipped with rotating systems, some use raking systems, and some even use washable systems!

Here are three of the top-rated self-cleaning litter boxes and how they work!

1. The ChillX AutoEgg


One of the newer self-cleaning methods on the market is the horizontal raking system, as used by the ChillX AutoEgg.

This method works by raking through the litter in a slow-motion style, which effectively eliminates any risk of a safety concern by engaging with a paced and thorough cycle during every clean.

AutoEgg uses extremely precise weight sensors with an impressive 0.03 oz accuracy, which triggers an automatic self-cleaning 5 minutes after every use. The rake moves gently, taking 5 minutes per cycle, before sifting away the clumps into a bin that conceals it.

As an added safety perk, it also features their custom cat-stuck prevention sensor. This feature pauses the cleaning process if it detects any sudden movement, so you can rest assured no harm will come to your cat should they decide to hop back in the unit mid clean.

Along with auto-cleaning after every use, the AutoEgg is programmed to self-clean four times a day at 3 & 9 am/pm.

Using a highly optimized motor the system has mastered the art of the quietest clean possible, giving owners the reassurance of a silent job well done after every cycle.

With a robust system that promises a squeaky clean litter box and a happy kitty every time we’re keeping an eye on the AutoEgg as a promising brand to watch over the next few years.

2. The Litter Robot


As the name may suggest, this litter box looks (and functions) like a robot and is highly favored by those who appreciate the high-tech/futuristic design.

It utilizes a traditional rotating system that works via a rotating globe tilted on an axis. As the globe slowly rotates, it sifts out the clean litter and then sifts back to catch the clumped litter in a separate waste compartment. It then re-rotates to redistribute the clean litter and leave a fresh bed ready for the next use.

The Litter Robot is a tycoon in this space. With a state of the art cleaning system and a variety of tech-friendly features that are extremely effective and offer the promise of leaving your scooping days behind.

This unit is also highly optimized to eliminate unwanted odors. After a bathroom trip is detected and cycled the litter robot will trap waste into its concealed drawer. Using a replaceable carbon filter to ventilate the waste drawer you get double the duty of making sure your unit keeps unpleasant smells fully trapped at all times.

The cleaning process of the Litter Robot is rather aggressive which in part makes its process that much more effective at giving your a reliable clean. Although the system works much quicker than the AutoEgg it does come with the compromise of a noisier unit which could have adverse effects in acclimating your kitty.

While rotating devices do work effectively and thoroughly there have been isolated accounts of the sensory system failing with larger machines. While uncommon, this potentially poses a small risk for injury if your cat is not fully detected by the system.

3. The CatGenie


The CatGenie functions uniquely by using non-absorbing granules that are washed during the cleaning process and then reused.

After your cat uses its litter box, water rushes through the granules and fully dissolves the waste until it’s ready to send down the drain. The granules are then cycled and fully dried before redistribution.

Not only does this mean the granules require almost zero maintenance on your part, but you won’t have to replace them all that often! Quite a convenient trade-off we’d say!

We all know how costly and tedious distributing fresh litter can be so taking the process of buying, scooping, and redistribution out of the equation is a major plus.

The only downside, while effective this system is a bit noisy so it works best in an isolated part of your home and will require a full 30 minutes to cycle all of the litter. Not a terrible compromise considering you won’t lift a finger in the process.

So Why Should You Invest In An Automatic Litter Box?


Let’s face it, no cat parent enjoys cleaning up after their fur family. To be frank, routinely scooping and replacing litter can be a time consuming and frustrating process for all of us.

So let’s recap those benefits!

  • It will save you time – A self-cleaning litter box will reduce your kitty’s litter maintenance by more than half. This can be a game-changer if you have multiple cats to clean up after, or if you have young kittens (who are renowned for their nonstop pooping!)
  • Less litter waste means more money saved – Allowing a system entirely designed to separate and clean the litter for you is a great way to reduce the amount of litter wasted!

*Automatic litter boxes will save between 5 to 10 times of the litter lost from manual scooping.*

  • Reduce the mess – Cats are notorious for rapidly jumping in and out of their box (not to mention litter kicking). Most automatic litter boxes feature an enclosed hood and quick action cleaning cycles to make sure the mess stays where it started.
  • Your cat will be happier and healthier – With these high-tech units self-cleaning after every use, your cat won’t be needed to step around (or on) their poop just to go poop. For us, that’s a great step in the right direction for a healthier and happier cat.

How To Choose?


Choosing to invest in an automatic litter box can feel like a big decision. Every cat owner should properly weigh their options and decide which style/unit can work best for your fur family.

For someone that wants an extreme clean maybe try the Litter Robot, if you feel safety is your top priority the AutoEgg is for you, if you’re more concerned about an eco-friendly option you can try the CatGenie!

Whatever you choose, shifting gears towards the future of cat care is a positive step in making sure your cat has a clean and sanitary space for all future bathroom trips.