Best Known Food for Domesticated Cats

The cats are carnivores by nature, you cannot change their gene or erase from their memory when you domesticate them in your home. However, the question of what to feed cats is most common with pet owners across the globe. Since cats are present where human beings are since ancient times. It is the only cute animal; everyone prefers to domesticate them in their home. To feed them is important when they are alone in your home or with a mama cat. There are many pet shop near your place which sells kitten and cat foods. These are also available in online pet stores.

Cats are not Vegetarian Eaters

It is advisable to not to give home foods which you prepare for you and your home members. Since they may harm their Balanced Diet to your Domesticated Catsstomach. Since many of the vegetables are not good for cats.

  • Weekly once treat them with the flesh of chicken and mutton. It is advisable to semi boil them to kill the parasite.
  • Fish are the favorite food, so do treat them weekly once by providing boiled fish.
  • They do eat eggs and are the best protein they can get daily. They mostly prefer to eat egg yolk rather than albumen.
  • If you are vegetarian and do not like flesh and meat in your home, it is advisable to buy cat food from a pet shop, which has meat and fish as ingredients.

Provide a Balanced Diet to your Domesticated Cats

Every pet owners whish their domestic cat to be bulky and furry. However, they are also like humans, if they go bulky they do become ill with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian to schedule their food. You can also find many online pet sites providing information on what to feed cats. Either, these are available as cat info in various online pet stores. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian to prescribe the best food for your domesticated cats.

  • Water is one of the main drinks that you must keep in and around your home to cats and kitten to drink at any time. It is advisable to keep pet fountains for your cats to come there and drink water regularly.
  • An adult cat may require to feed twice a day
  • A kitten within nine months old require to feed at least three to four times a day
  • A kitten who doesn’t have the mama cat must provide them with replacement milk available in pet shops for a kitten
  • When you give them pet foods, keep the right quantity
  • Provide hard food when they are one year old
  • You can try semi-liquid food and dry food when they are ten-month-old
  • Make a shift in their food habits as their age increases
  • Treat them once in a week with meat and fish for a mood swing
  • Never feed more in the notion to look bulky and furry


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