It is not a secret that all people around the world have some career ambitions. In most cases, people would invest a lot of energy and time to pass the exams at their university. We do not want to say that college days are easy. Fortunately, the results you are expecting to get will sooner or later come.

On the other hand, some people can’t get the job they want. That even happens when their skills are at the highest level. The reason why they can’t find the job is bad preparation for the job interview. More precisely, these people do not know how to “sell themselves”.

Preparing for a job interview is a long process. Before everything, you need to ensure that your resume is at the highest level. Many people do not know how exactly they should design this type of document. If you struggle to do that properly, we recommend you check the services that Resumeble offers. It is always better to consult and get the necessary help from experts in that field.

There are two things that good quality resume is going to bring to you. Before everything, it will allow you to become more noticeable among dozens of other candidates. Despite that, when you get the invitation for the job interview, you will start being more confident. In this case, self-confidence is one of the essential factors that will influence your success.

Yet, there is one small problem among people that are trying to find a new job. There are some common job interview myths that most people believe are true. Because of that, it often happens they make some basic mistakes during the job interview. That is the reason why we would want to analyze them. By reading the list of job interview myths, you will get to chance to prepare yourself even better.

1. Finding Out More Details about the Salary Immediately Will Protect You


We believe that you researched many things about the company where you plan to work. Before everything, we are sure you checked the website of the company as well as its social media page. Despite that, you can easily read reviews from different sources about working conditions in a particular company. Yet, even if you have heard more details about the salary, don’t mention that word during the interview.

The reason why we say this is simple. Employers always look for people that are motivated enough to participate in different business operations. If you require more details about the salary, that means money is your only motivation. Unfortunately, many employers are going to consider that as a red flag.

On the other hand, you do not have to talk about your salary history at all. Believe it or not, in some states, it is illegal for the interviewers to ask you that type of question. Even if it is legal, you have a complete right not to answer that question. More precisely, that could be a red flag for you.

2. Only Qualified Persons Get the Job


This part wants to explain to you that there is no need to be unconfident. On the other hand, we also suggest that you do not be too confident as well. It is great if you graduated from a high-quality university. However, that doesn’t guarantee you will get a job. Let’s use an example that will confirm this statement.

Imagine that you were the best student of the generation. However, your communication skills are not too good. On the other hand, another candidate was an average student who has good communication skills. Do you think your diploma is going to be enough to convince interviewers that you are the right person for their company? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.

Qualifications are only one of the factors that will influence the employer’s final decision. There are many other factors that these people put into consideration. Before everything, they are trying to find people that will easily adapt to the working culture of the company. Despite that, it is more important to them that their employees are team players and responsible. All these things you have to somehow prove during the job interview. That is the reason why we said you need to prepare yourself properly.

3. Wait for the Last Moment to Ask Questions


This is one of the mistakes that many candidates make. They are quiet during the entire interview because someone told them they should save questions for the end. There is no reason to wait for everything to finish. On the contrary, it is in your best interest to ask three or four questions during the interview. In that way, the interviewer will notice that you want to find more details about your potential job. Despite that, as we said, good communication skills are essential as well. That is the right moment to show that you possess them.

Besides that, there is one more reason why we recommend you ask questions during the interview. You may look calm from the outside. However, many candidates are usually nervous during the job interview. Because of that, they often forget the questions they wanted to ask after the job interview ends. There is no reason to expose yourself to such a risk.

4. You Won’t Talk about Your Resume during Interview


You need to realize that your potential employer has a lot of duties every day. Because of that, he probably didn’t read your resume in detail. Keep in mind that dozens (or even hundreds) of people apply for the same job position. It is hard to believe the employees/interviewers will remember all the details about each candidate.

On the other hand, even if he managed to remember everything, be sure he will ask you questions. You may need to give some additional answers to the things you wrote in your resume. That is the reason why we recommend you prepare those answers in advance. Read the resume you wrote many times before you go to the interview.


These four myths are something you should forget about. Instead of that, you should focus on more relevant things. Before everything, work on your resume or hire a professional to write it instead of you. Prepare the questions you will ask, and try to predict which questions the interviewer will have. There is no reason to be unconfident in your skills. Calm down, get a good night’s sleep before the interview, and get the reward that you deserve.