The first online video poker game was developed a long time ago, in 1994, by a popular game developer Microgaming. Since then, they have changed in many ways – a lot of new functions have been added, resulting in online video poker having more available betting options, as well as a more diverse game.

Players can now enjoy gambling on progressive video poker games with huge jackpots, on online gambling websites such as Unibet Pennsylvania. Moreover, the availability of the games offered gives you flexible time and location options.

Aside from online, video poker is offered in casinos, as well. Even some bars have the machines displayed, offering you a free drink if you decide to play. Playing is possible from the comfort of your home or while you’re on the moving using the smartphone or tablet. This game has become one of the most popular and frequently played casino games today.
It makes you wonder, what is it about these machines that make them so popular? Is the availability or the simplicity of the game? Or is it something else? Keep reading the article to find out what are the reasons why video poker slots are gaining popularity among gamblers.

1. Increased chances for wining


Although some online poker video games have a high RTP, there’s a reason why it’s called a theoretic return.  When you play on slot machines that offer a high RTP, it’s simply a percentage of waged money the casino pays of to the players who gain. This percentage of pay off or the amount of money is fixed (unless the jackpot is progressive), and cannot be influenced because one cannot influence the outcome of the slot spin. It’s all a matter of luck.

When you play video poker, the RTP depends only on your skill and the strategy you use. The declared RTP is the highest one you can achieve. In order to achieve it, you need to develop a perfect strategy and stick to it all the way – keeping your lucky cards that will bring you the highest possible value.

Another thing connected to winning chances that make video poker popular is that you need to be aware that the double button can increase the payout ratio, by doubling it. For the same sum of money, you will additionally be able to play more rounds (when you consider the option to duplicate as a separate round of play).

However, the double button drastically changes the variance, meaning that you will need a lot more money if you plan to duplicate the chances for your payouts. After the initial duplicating is successful you decide to duplicate even more, than you’ll be needing even more money. You can win a lot, but you can also lose more, faster. Those who aim at something specific, for example, to win as much as possible in a short time, can take good advantage of the double button. This is why chances of winning are one of the things video poker is growing more popular among gamblers.

2. The usage of strategy puts you in control


Knowing the payout, the machine is able to give you is not enough. To reach the maximum payout you have to play using a certain mathematical strategy, which is exactly where your advantage lies. Learn the strategy for each game and play accordingly. Because you don’t, if you get carried away and make mistakes in implementing your strategy, the odds may fall to the side of the house. Each video poker game has its own strategy. For example, you cannot use the same strategy in Jacks as you do in Deuces Wild. For starters, the game needed to be learned is Jacks or Betters, first. Because all the other games are a different variation of these.

The availability of online strategies gamblers can use for free is also one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Training websites for playing video pokers also put this game in advantage when it comes to popularity, comparing to others. With them, a player gets to practice implementing different strategies, before deciding to place a bet and start real gambling.

3. Structuring the bet


Might not sound as important as it is. This option the game offers gamblers enables them to increase the expected winnings by carefully structuring the bet. The first step always is to place a deposit on the game, or a video poker machine. Based on the amount of money you put, you will get a certain number of credits. Just for example, if you put 20$ you’ll get 400 credits. The variety of credit options video poker games offer gamblers are huge and based on this they are in control of structuring their bets.

Max bet button is a choice for using a maximum of the credits per game. This makes some difference when it comes to payouts, making it up to a couple of percentage points. For example, if a gambler wishes to place 25 cents per bet, he should always choose a lower limit ad play max bet. In this case, the value of the payment will be higher than when playing the same limit with one credit.

4. It’s a one-man show


Not everyone enjoys a crowd. Some people just get nervous when they’re around others, and this is not a good idea when you gamble. Especially in real-life casinos, gambling requires all your concentration. Video poker games offer the possibility to enjoy the game alone. It’s just you and the machine, no talking, just playing.

So, it’s possible to choose and know how safe you are, when it comes to winning in this type of game. Moreover, gamblers are quite aware of the advantage this game gives them since some of the machines offer a 100% RTP. All of what is mentioned makes video poker one of the most played gambling games at the moment and the casino’s favorite choice of machine.