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We have all heard of TikTok, which is a very short time has won the sympathy of young people around the world. It is a social network designed to create and watch video content. If we had to describe it better, we could say that TikTok is a mix of Snapchat and Instagram stories. For those who like to spend time in their phone company, this app is a fantastic option.

We all already know about the many influencers who have become famous on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but do you know how to reach popularity and make money on TikTok? Well, let’s go in order.

The first impression is always important

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How many times have you heard so far that first impression is significant in a job interview or when you go on a date with a person you like a lot? The same rule applies to networks. Make a strategy. Start with the name. Think of a likable and authentic name that is, at the same time, easy to remember and enjoy. It would not be wrong first to research how other TickTokers do it and then create your own based on that. Don’t be lazy, and don’t skip the description in your profile, as it’s an opportunity for you to like others even before they watch some of the videos. Be creative and different.

Focus on the topic

Find the category you belong to. Think about what you can offer to future companions that you have not already seen in someone else. The accounts on this social network are thematically divided, which makes them very easy to browse. Gamers, beauty bloggers, entertainers … they all manage to find their place under the sun.

The sound is important

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Video without sound can be quite annoying even when the focus is not on the sound. The sound quality is very important, so it would not be bad to think about a better microphone. Many find it easy to record video, stand in front of the camera, and talk into the lens. Well, it’s not. Very often people get nervous from this type of public appearance. To fix this, practice speaking.
And even more important is the quality of the video

If we had to single out a key thing when it comes to popularity on this social network, we would say it is video quality. Experienced people recommend shooting shorter videos, recorded in the best possible quality. At the same time, pay attention to your styling because the visual effect is very important.

Take the time to record the video

Once someone follows you, they are continuously expecting a new video. It doesn’t have to be every day, but make sure you stay consistent and post videos regularly. Otherwise, you may be left without your followers.

Use hashtags

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The hashtag can help you a lot in your search for new followers. In the description below the video, insert a popular hashtag that will make your post more accessible to a broad audience. What has proven to be even more useful is the use of rare hashtags because your posts are launched at the top of the search.

Buy followers

Most users of this social network’s goal are to have a good time and gather as many followers as possible. Companions raise popularity, but they also give you a chance to make money because it is known that the more followers you have, the more money you have in your account at the end of the month. It is possible to find various packages on the Internet that offer you the sale of likes and followers. See more at TikFuel.

However, it is important to understand that the number of followers is not crucial for the profile to start “earning” – it’s all about the content. A large number of companies and brands indeed choose for their influencers those who have more followers, but the fact is that there are profiles that have fewer followers but excellent reach and engagement. Ultimately, there is no doubt that faces with more than 5,000 traces on any network have “potential” and are considered micro-influencers.

Service for service

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Influencers often do each other a favor by following each other. This is a great and easy way to reach more followers. They also often grieve each other on their posts, which allows a wider audience to watch the video and follow you.

Share your profile

Don’t forget to share your videos on YouTube or Instagram. Your friends and acquaintances can be your fans, which will enrich your number of followers. Don’t forget to collaborate. Find accounts that have the same desired potential audience and make duets. When they see your cooperation, you can hope for new followers. So, how do you get new followers on TikTok? Be active and cooperate! It’s everyday hard work.


Comment on other users’ videos. Investigate other users who record videos that you can frame within your audiovisual type, especially those with high creativity standards and mark good performance, even videos with more followers than you who can give you lights and guidance.

Comment on his videos so those who have more followers will surely see your comments, but the trick is to create striking and attractive comments if it’s a trick.

Promote yourself on other social platforms

If you already have TikTok, the chances are good that you also have Facebook or Instagram. Use your activity on other social networks to promote content on them. Along with the humorous text, you can ask your friends to follow you to TikTok.

Collaborative work in TikTok

Remember to work with other people. Make no mistake asking a person with 50,000 followers to collaborate with you if you only have 200 fans, find users of a similar rank as yours, start collaborating, and look for other people who produce videos with similar, related topics aimed at the same target, the same audience type as well as you and your fans. Your audience will be enchanted if you can record videos with other people you follow.