Before discussing circadian rhythms disorder, let have a clear definition of circadian rhythms. Every human body will function according to the biological clock which is located in the hypothalamus – a part of the human brain. The biological clock undergoes changes for every certain period of time, it may be of 24 hours, and during this change over human body attains some mental and physical vibrations. And this also regulates the sleep/ wake cycle of every human being.

It is to be noted that this internal cycle can be influenced by temperature, light, sound, and darkness. When a person gets explored to such factors, the circadian rhythm gets affected to a certain degree. This disorder can be caused even because of changes in timing (meals) and this condition is to be mentioned as a kind of sleeping disorder.

Circadian Rhythms – Classification

Depending upon the changes attained in the body, circadian rhythms are classified into 5 distinct types.

  1. Jet Lag
  2. Delay sleep phase syndrome
  3. Shift work-related circadian disorder
  4. Irregular sleep/ wake cycle
  5. Advanced sleep phase syndrome

Among these five, the jet lag and shift work are mentioned as extrinsic and the rest are known as intrinsic. This is because jet lag and shift work-related disorder are caused by the changes in the external environment; whereas the other distinct disorders are caused because of the changes in the internal clock (influenced by external environment).

Jet Lag

This kind of disorder is more common among people who travel more often. Especially the case can be felt when they are moved from one time zone to the other. The variation in light and temperature creates a temporary CRSD. And this disorder can be retained when the person returns to a normal sleeping schedule.

Delay sleep phase syndrome

Delay sleep phase syndrome is caused because of the resynchronization between the external environment and the internal biological clock. People troubling from this disorder will fail to sleep at night and hence they are mentioned as night owls. It is to be noted that this change is not caused because of the reasons like travel or the changes in another external environment. Hence people suffering from this disorder must be treated in the earlier stage. There are many supplements available in the market which can help in retrieving the people to the regular schedule.

Shift work-related circadian disorder

This is highly experienced in the people who are working in different shifts and this is also similar to that of the jet lag disorder. Especially people working in night shifts are supposed to experience this sleeping trouble. Since they are exposed to light during their sleeping time, they may feel drowsy at their work and this case also leads to insomnia. This is highly dangerous because, a recent survey says that people who are working under shifts are exposed to cardiac problems, mental stress, digestive problems, and many.

Irregular sleep/ wake cycle

Irregular sleep/ wake cyclePeople with this disorder will not schedule proper timing for their sleep. They will sleep at any time without any proper timing. This kind of disorder makes people very tired and discomfort all the time.

Advanced sleep phase syndrome

As mentioned before, the human body functions like a clock depending upon the routine activities. This is the reason why some people sleeps and woke up early; and in some cases, people tend to sleep late night and woke up late in the morning. All these activities are possible because of the biological clock in the brain. Even though this seems to be a normal condition, in some cases it leads to sleeping trouble like insomnia. Especially this can be found in the people who have the habit of sleeping late at night.

Other health issues

Sleeping disorder can never be stated as a single health issue but this leads to several health problems. Especially, the people who are suffering from sleeping trouble will get affected mentally. Anxiety and stress will get raised and they will remain restless forever. This is because when a person fails to sleep at the right time, the entire body’s metabolism gets affected.

Circadian rhythms – the treatment

It is to be noted that the people who are affected by circadian rhythms must be treated immediately or they may lead to some unexpected severe medical disorders. According to the medical history, a maximum number of people affected by this disorder is supposed to experience cardiac problems. That is they may get exposed to sudden heart attacks because of the increased stress level in their mind. Hence to get rid of all these problems, the patients must be treated with proper drugs.

Melatonin sleep aid – the best supplement

Have you ever heard about melatonin? This is one of the best supplements suggested for all circadian rhythms disorder. This is the most effective supplement in the current market and it is also recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. A great advantage with this supplement is they are made out of organic ingredients and hence they will never cause any side effects like other normal supplements in the market. The secret of this supplement is the organic substances used tend to increase the secretion of the sleeping hormone. Thus, the sleeping character of a person will get naturally induced. Hence, in spite of other external disturbances, one can sleep deeply and at the right time. The only aspect to be noted is the supplement must be taken under a preferable dosage. To remain on the safer side, the suggestion of the doctors can also be hired in order to use this supplement in an effective way.

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