Are you having Depression Symptoms

Most of us go through a lot of emotion in the whole day. All of us feel sad, depressed and lonely many a time, but does that means that you are suffering from Depression Symptoms? If there was an incident like a loss the reaction to it is normal and a depressed feeling then does not create any alarms. Similarly, an injury to self-esteem or a personal blow also gives rise to such feelings. They are supposed to be with the person temporarily and are supposed to leave with the passage of time creating no permanent Depression Symptoms. But, if the Depression Symptoms become physical and last for longer than desired, then it sure is not healthy and calls for medical attention. Think of it as a barrier which will affect the active life of the patient.

There are warning signs that state that if Depression Symptoms left untreated then it may get aggravated and may even worsen with time. Clinical depression and other major depressions lead to severe consequences which hamper the normal working of a person’s life. They may last for years and even life if not attended to. Someone who is under a depression attack and stays oblivious to the fact may even turn suicidal at some time. Thus, it becomes important to recognize the Depression Symptoms and that too on time to make sure medication and rectifying attempts are made on time. Reports suggest that most of the clinical or major Depression Symptoms never get noticed, this is generally because people live in denial and never let themselves open to the fact that actually a serious issue is crawling up.

Depression Symptoms:

Depression SymptomsThe national institute of mental health states the following obvious and recognizable symptoms of depression.

  • Overeating or loss of appetite all of a sudden
  • Difficulty in concentration or decision making.
  • Difficulty in recalling names or simple details
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Feeling worthless and helpless
  • Constant feeling of guilt
  • Feeling hopeless and pessimism
  • Gets irritated and restless for no reason
  • Sleep issues- excessive sleep, wakefulness in the morning or insomnia
  • Sudden lack of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Digestive problems, pains, and aches including severe headaches from time to time
  • Continued empty feeling
  • Persistent anxious feeling and physical agitations with it.
  • Continued sad mood
  • Suicidal thoughts and even extreme attempts

Depression may lead to severe consequences like committing of suicide. The brain and the mind forgets loses its ability to think straight and finds that suicide is the only solution to the problem. The signs that can show that a person is in severe condition may include a sign of sudden calmness after a lot of sad and sudden calmness after a lot of saddepressed symptoms. A person with such condition often makes a death wish or are seen talking frequently about death and even challenging oneself in acts that are riskily initiating a play with death.

Mostly, People who are suffering from Depression Symptoms tries and act normal with allowing the actual internal feelings to come to the surface very rarely. This is also an act that could allow people to judge that there is something wrong, when they act to come for the activity or the mishap then it should alarm the others who are sound in that situation. Think of it as something that is being tried to be hidden so that the one who is depressed does not have to face a lot of questions.

Depression Symptoms alarming and they should be taken seriouslyare alarming and they should be taken seriously. Most of the Depression Symptoms as known by the experts are treated with regular exercise relating to mind activities and are not severe. If they are more severe then the symptoms are not subtle and they are known to the world easily. Aggressive and uncontrolled anger is one such severe case of depression that is seen taking charge of a person’s mind and creating obstacles in a sound capacity for thinking them. They become challenged and cannot realize the wrongful acts they are indulging in.

Depression Symptoms may vary from person to person and from situation to situation, but one thing that must be kept in mind is that it is always advisable to take professional help than to keep denying the act of taking things in one’s hand.