Pollution has engulfed near each and every phase of life. Whether it is water pollution, air pollution or any other the result is disastrous. Among all air pollution has been proved to be most fatal! It prevails in both outdoor and indoor spots. It has been proved to be very much daunting as it is inhaled hence affecting the lungs and breathing system.

Cause of Air Pollution

With the passage of time, the population is mushrooming at a fast Cause of Air Pollutionpace due to which the number of pollutants is also increasing. It has mostly affected the air as a result of which indoor air pollution still persists and is becoming a serious problem. According to the research conducted recently, the level of air pollution is two to five times higher in the indoor areas.

As the modern construction concept of new buildings lacks in proper ventilation process, the indoor area is considered to be more polluted than that of the outside. Tight seals with energy efficiency in maximum houses contribute highly in the trapping of air along with pollutants. For normal living, it is recommended to take nine breaths out of ten. Hence it is equally important to free the indoor space from allergens and other impurities.

Air Purifier – Best Possible Solution for Air Pollution

In order to serve this highly recognized purpose, air purifiers with latest and high technology have been introduced into the market. They have been recognized to be very much essential in Air Purifier - Best Possible Solution for Air Pollutionenhancing the quality of indoor air in order to make it fit for inhaling.   Some of the health problems associated with air include:

  • Asthma
  • Various Allergies
  • Hay Fever

The installation of a good quality air purifier can be expected to be of immense assistance in eliminating certain harmful:

  • Allergens
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Pollutants

Eligibility Criteria to Choose the Best Product

A wide range of products including air purifiers is available in the market to meet the needs. But there exist some criteria which must be considered before purchasing air purifiers for your home. Some of the vital ones are:

  • Size plus area consumed – It is a fact that if the device chosen acquires a large portion of the room, then it is an inconvenient device. Hence the size of the purifier pays a big role in order to get an efficient output. The size must be a medium one in order to serve the best and prevent high electric consumption.
  • Purification requirements – The materials used in the construction of the purifier must not be an allergic and harmful one. A portable air purifier will be the best choice as it can be carried anywhere. In order to remove harmful particles, specially manufactured HEPA purifiers are the most suitable ones. The incorporation of the UV system will enable easy elimination of germs and bacteria.
  • Rating related to CADR – In order to judge the effectiveness of the air purifier chosen, the CADR, i.e., Clean Air Delivery Rate is the best substitute. This rating tells the effectiveness of the device in eliminating harmful substances like smoke, dust mites, etc. An air purifier with best CADR rating must be preferred.
  • Maintenance cum cleaning – If you have purchased any device, you need to maintain the same at the best for enhancing longevity. Hence, before purchasing it is essential to get to know about service and cleaning procedures involved. If you become well informed about the maintenance of fillers and expenses involved, then you can avoid expensive maintenance cost.
  • Noise level involved – You must have noticed that some air purifiers make a lot of noise which becomes intolerable. Sometimes they result in such drastic condition due to which it seems that it will be penetrating the eardrums deeply hence resulting in some sort of side effects. To avoid this kind of terrible situation, it is recommended to check the noise level thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Rate of air change on an hourly basis – The rate of an air change per hour is directly proportional to the efficiency of the purifier. This indicates the number of times the air gets purified per hour. This system involved maintains the purity of air along with that of pathogens consistently. It is better to choose the purifier having high air changing rate per hour.

Different Types of Air Purifiers

Whenever the company manufactures any product, it keeps into Different Types of Air Purifiersview the essential requirements to be served to the customers. Due to this vital reason, different types of products are manufactured by embedding different technologies. Similarly, air purifiers are also manufactured differently. Some of the most common are:

  • Ozone Purifiers – These purifiers release amounts of ozone considerably for reducing the pollutants which are airborne. They will serve you by reducing unpleasant odors and produce sharp cum fresh aroma in the air. It will relieve you from the thunderstorm.
  • Electrostatic Purifiers – These air purifiers utilize electrical energy for the purpose of drawing airborne particles into the filters. When the filters become full, you need to throw them and replace the same by new. They are utilized as pre-filter components for some specially designed purifiers.
  • Ionizers – These types of air purifiers are considered to release some magnetic charges into the air. The release of such charges results in sticking of the airborne particles to the filter in an efficient manner.
  • HEPA Filters – HEPA is an abbreviated form of High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters which are designed in an exclusive manner to remove maximum airborne pollutants. Trapped germs die due to lack of proper moisture content hence making the purifier ideal for electronic labs and operating rooms. They are sometimes added to an existing system for the purpose of heating and air conditioning.
  • UV Air Filters – The ultraviolet light technology destroys bacteria and viruses. They are generally installed in air ducts where airborne microorganisms pass at a maximum rate. They are ideal for hospitals and operation theaters.

Nowadays, online shopping of various items has grown up to a certain height. In case you have no time to hover around retail shops, then you may log on to web shopping portals. In order to select the best, it is recommended to go through the customer reviews. Online assistance can also be fetched with ease and comfort. Some of the most common sites include eBay, Snap deal, Flipkart and so on from where you can get the best product.